Read the Donnie Darko full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode scripts and screencaps. Donnie Darko (PDF script) Undated Shooting Script Written by Richard Kelly. The Original ‘Holes’ Screenplay Was by the Donnie Darko Writer and It the script was originally sold to Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) who.

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Under blue moon, I saw you So soon you’ll take me Up in your arms, too late to beg you Or cancel it though I know it must be The killing time Unwillingly mine Fate Up against your will Through the thick and thin He will wait until You give yourself to him whirring In starlit nights I saw you So cruelly you kissed me Your lips a magic world Your sky all hung with jewels The killing moon Will come too soon Fate Up against your will Through the thick and thin I’m voting for Dukakis.

Maybe when you vonnie children of your own who need braces and you can’t afford them because half of your husband’s paycheck goes to the Federal Government, you’ll regret that. Will you still be working at the Yarn Barn? I hear that’s a great place to raise children.

No, I think a year of partying is enough. She’ll be going to Harvard next fall. Mom, I haven’t even gotten in yet. Do you honestly think Michael Dukakis will provide for this country till you’re ready to squeeze one out? Donnie, you’re such a dick. A little hostile there. Maybe darkl should be the one in therapy. You want to tell Mom and Dad why you stopped taking your medication?

Full text of “Donnie Darko Script”

Did you just call me a “fuck-ass”? Tell me, Elizabeth, how does one suck a fuck? We will not have this at the dinner table. Get out of my room. Where do you go at night? Would you just get out of my room? Dakro you toilet paper the Johnsons’ house?

scrednplay Is that what you came in here to ask me? I stopped rolling houses in the sixth grade, Mom. What happened to my son? I don’t recognize scrrenplay person today. Then why don’t you start taking the goddamn pills? Our son just called me a bitch. You’re not a bitch. You’re bitchen, but you’re not a bitch. I want to be a President of the United States who makes sure that we never again do business with a drug-running Panamanian dictator. Son of a bitch.


Panama is a friendly country. I went down and talked to the President of Panama Noriega was there, but there was no evidence at that time. When the evidence was there, we indicted him. I’ve been watching you. That is when the world will end. What the heck’s going on here? I’m sorry about this, Odnnie. He’s a neighborhood kid. Guess he was sleep-golfing? Are you all right, son? So, let’s stay off the links at night, okay?

It won’t happen again.

Donnie Darko (2001) Movie Script

Let’s go, fire it up! What happened to your house? We have just arrived on the scene It fell in your room. Watch yourself down there! Darko, I’m Bob Garland. I’m with the F. We’d like to speak to you and your husband privately. We have arranged for you to stay at a hotel. Get some sleep and we will take care of things here. Kids, come on, we’re going to a hotel.

They don’t know where it came from. Yeah, just tying it off right now. Local and national transportation authorities have begun a nationwide search The engine, which appears to have detached On his way to the prom.

They said he was doomed. Darkl could have said the same thing about Donnie. TV news continues If it fell from a plane, then what happened to the plane?

They don’t know, Samantha. Farmer will bring you home donnir practice. Okay, tell me everything. You’re like a celebrity. I’ve been calling you a jillion times. My dad said he saw you at the golf course.

You sleepwalking dsrko, buddy? I don’t want to talk about it. And now that you’re famous, you gotta have a smoke. What happens if you tell Mom and Dad about this, Sam? You’ll put Ariel in the garbage disposal.

Goddamn right, I will. Hey, Cherita, you dnonie a cigarette? Go back to China, bitch! Just leave her alone. That’s some good shit, huh?


It’s a fucking cigarette. No, no, no Have you no ambition? You keep your distance via the system of touch And gentle persuasion I’m lost in admiration Could I need you this much? Oh, you’re wasting my time You’re, just, just, just wasting time Something happens and I’m head over heels I never find out Till I’m head over heels Something happens, and I’m head over heels Ah, don’t take my heart, don’t break my heart Don’t– don’t– don’t throw it away In my mind’s eye One little boy Even the grown-up gangs who ran the betting at the all-in wrestling and the barrow-boys would hear with respect of how Old Misery’s house had been destroyed.

It was as though this plan had been with him all his life, pondered through the seasons, now in his 1 5th year crystallized with the pain of puberty. Why dwrko the children break into Old Misery’s house?

Joanie, if you had actually read the short story, which, at a whopping 1 3 pages would have kept you up all night, – you would know that the children Donnie Darko, perhaps dako your recent brush with mass destruction, you can give us your opinion.

They say it right when they flood the house and they tear it to shreds, that destruction is a form of creation. So the fact that they burn the money is ironic. They just want to see what happens when they tear the world apart. They want to change things. May we help you? Yeah, I just registered and they put me in the wrong English class. You look like you belong here. Where do I sit? Sit next to the boy you think is the cutest. The construction guys say it will take about a week to fix the roof.

That damned airline better not fuck us on the shingle match. They still don’t know?