Drawmer DS 3 ratings. Drawmer DS Dual Noise Gate. HP and TP filters; “Key List” option; Stereo Mode; Envelope control; Controls: Attack, Hold, Decay. The Drawmer DS is a dual channel gate designed for use in the recording studio. I’ve personally only used it in the studio, so I can’t really. Would a plugin be efficient for these kind of jobs or a Drawmer gate I have a DS and the usual ITB gates available to me – typically I use.

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Trigger can be from internal or external signal, and if external signal is selected but not connected to gates 2,3 and 4, these gates are triggered by the side-chain of channel 1.

The DRAWMER solution to this problem is the inclusion of two variable filters, one high-pass and one low-pass, which act upon the side-chain keying circuitry. Extremely fast attack time, to preserve the natural attack of the sound.

Can be used for “Gating” or “Ducking”. The unit can be switched to accept a key input, which allows the gate to be triggered externally.

DRAWMER – DS201 – Dual noise gate (Used)

Please click here for more on international delivery costs and times. Subscribe for free here. Few names are as synonymous with audio design, but when it came time to release a Variable master fader with output LED metering. Key input for external triggering. Rrawmer New products By brand Audio and data connectors Video and RF connectors Power connectors and distribution Connection panels and stageboxes Fibre optic cables, de201 and interfaces Cable assemblies, patchcords and leads Cables Cabling accessories and tools Bags and cases Racks, rack accessories and hardware Lights, clocks, furniture, fittings and equipment drawker Drives, memory, media, labelling and sound effects Powering Microphones Radio Microphones Microphone supports, amplifiers, powering and accessories Headphones, headsets, earpieces, amplifiers and wireless systems Hearing protection and noise control Record, replay and radio receivers Audio interfacing Video interfacing, processing, monitoring and camera accessories Audio mixers and processing Amplification Loudspeakers and audio monitoring Test and measurement Communications and datacoms Index By brand Index New products Special offers Clearance list Remainder list.


Drawmer DS201 Dual Noise Gate

A 1U four-channel noise-gate. The very fast attack of the DS means that it can open in a matter of micro seconds, thus preserving the natural attack ds210 whatever sound is being gated and the comprehensive envelope controls mean that the gain can be changed at whatever rate best suits the material being processed. Pre-fade limiter with soft approaching limiter or hard hitting limiter.

Balanced inputs and outputs. Other features include Key inputs, a link between the two gates and the ability to work in a gating or ducking mode for voice over-type work. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. DS – Dual Noise Gate.

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An example of this would be to use a snare drum signal to open the gate on a separate ambient microphone to create a natural alternative to gated reverb. Drawmer pioneered the concept of frequency conscious gating, and the Drawmer DS was the first noise gate to include this feature. This now enables the gate to only open on the lower frequencies present in the snare drum. An octave-band filter, adjustable from 50Hz to 8kHz, can be inserted into the side-chain so the gate becomes frequency conscious.


DS – Dual Noise Gate The DS is a sophisticated dual channel noise gate incorporating a number of features pioneered by Drawmer, which are invaluable to the sound engineer, and not found on conventional noise gates.

I thought this was how all gates were. Skip to main content.

Drawmer DS Signal Processors/Rack Effects | eBay

LA12 Line distribution amplifier An unbalanced line distribution amplifier, with one stereo input and 12 stereo outputs. By setting the output switch to key listen the user can hear the action of the filters and adjust them to reject high frequency spillage from the hi-hats.

Bill Cheney and Jim Romney are the men responsible for keeping the amazing legacy drawmerr Spectra Sonics, dx201 legendary, if criminally unheralded, pro-audio company alive. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page?

moosers’s review – Drawmer DS Dual Noise Gate – Audiofanzine

If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. Side-chain access and side-chain listen. Each channel can be individually switched from Gating to Ducking for ‘voice over’ applications or the removal of ‘clicks’ and ‘pops’. In stock within weeks. In the early days of digital emulations of classic pieces of hardware, the argument could easily be made that the digital side For example, when attempting to separate a signal from unwanted noise or crosstalk that is relatively high in level, spurious triggering of the gate by unwanted components within the sound can be a serious problem.

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