Eheim Professionel II Filters: The innovative hight-tech generation of new external filters offer the best solutions down to the smallest details. Integrated priming. Find great deals for EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter Shop with confidence on eBay!. Der EHEIM professionel II Außenfilter reinigt das Aquarienwasser im geschlossenen Umlaufsys- tem. Dabei sorgt die eingebaute, wartungsfreie Pumpe für die.

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I see you have gotten yourself the installation set 1. We hope you have found AQ to be useful and informative. If it’s too hard, use BFG. If AQ is down, go to our Facebook page for status updates. Don’t walk behind me as I might not lead, don’t walk in front of me as I might not follow. Your basket is empty. You are not suppose to fill the filter with water when you connect it back.

Diff between eheim &

I thought they just shot it out of all the little holes and spread the flow out. They are using the same pump.

Both are excellent browsers. You need to upgrade your browser You are using Internet Explorer 8 Eheum is considered an out of date browser. Click Here for parts listings for this product.

  DIN EN 12056-2 PDF

EHEIM Professional II Canister Filter 2026

AQ will of course preserve the links back to your blog. If AQ is down, go to our Facebook page for status updates. I skipped the pump idea and filled the filter using the installation kit 1. Hi i’m planning to buy a new filter which is the above mentioned.

It should be same. If you’ve learnt, teach, if you have, give.

Stock Items marked as Special Order are not held in stock and have to be ordered in especially Please be aware that this can take up to 21 days, but is usually days in reality, but not guaranteed If your order contains other goods as well as Special Order items it will be held and not sent until all goods are available If you want to have the other goods sent under our normal delivery terms and the Special Order items sent on when they come into stock, then an additional carriage charge will have to be paid Or alternatively, place a separate order for the Special Order items.

Do the steps that I’ve written above to lighten your burden. Hi Kpete4, I love my ehei, like fellow forumers I think it’s a workhorse. The different is the media it can hold in is more than http: Ehekm is the same.

If you do, and you would like to get more interaction with aquarium hobbyists i.


I got heeim working and i will probably never pump the thing again!!!!!! If you get blocked as a “spammer” while registering please come back to this page and read this post.

2206 have decided to disallow the sales, giving and trading of shrimp through AQ from Monday, 20th Aug onwards until further notice. Just a guess only as I have only use Of the 3 that I have, 2 are 2nd hand ones so I believe the priming function might have worn off.

spare parts/accessories 2026

Any comments that could help me out would be appreciated. 206 been running an eheim Pro II canister filter for a little over a year.

This is considered an out of date browser. In no time, the filter will be filled 0226 the air will be ejected from the outlet tube. Mohamad Rohaizal is my name. Welcome to Aquatic Quotient! Eheim claims that the has a higher output but others say different. Originally Posted by neon.

Kpete4, welcome to AQ! If you are interested, PM Vinz to discuss the technical details. The model are work horse in my 0226 experience, just that their achilles heel is the priming function.