like war without death.” ― Alain Badiou, In Praise of Love. 91 likes . el nacimiento de un mundo.” ― Alain Badiou avec Nicolas Truong, Eloge de l’ amour. 4 nov. Éloge de l’amour. (English) Éloge de l’amour. Alain Badiou, Nicolas Truong L’amour est une construction de vérité. Vérité sur un point très. Eloge De L’Amour FL by Alain Badiou, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Eloge De L’Amour FL : Alain Badiou :

And not only colonialism! These are not just nuances. But Christianity has somehow managed to elevate it and refocus it onto a transcendent power. Alain Badiou, what are the principles of communist society, such as you conceive it?

But the df to which all that leads is totally unjust, if you consider how things ought to be: Their exchanges over Eloge de la politique were lively and hard-fought. The ABC of democracy is that we do not tolerate financial and media oligarchies and the fatal distortions that inequalities based on property impose on any real idea of liberty.

Politics is then a matter of settling the dispute between those amoue possess and those who do not. The existence of mass movements and a vast favourable public opinion is a necessary condition for the possibility of a new communist political vision securing se.

I will simply remark that the capitalist road is massively criminal. And you can even be tested and suffer in the process. They have just as much had enough of liberalism.

Formats and Editions of Éloge de l’amour []

He remains loyal to the ideal proclaimed to the Maoist groupuscule to which he belonged at that time: I do not think that that is right. I would call them profound disagreements over how society is organised. Plato, conversely, first of all tried to define a just society, and only subsequently concerned himself with the means that would be required to get there. There are not enough of them today, seeing the ravages left by the s counter-revolution, with its emblematic “Nouveaux Philosophes.


So, politics only begins when there is a confrontation between two radically different proposals for how society should be organised, with one based on private property and the other on collective appropriation.

This is a narrowly economistic view of things. This was an assault against a millennia-long taboo; everything had to be invented from scratch without any pre-existing model to go on. But communism failed in its very essence, not just in its ways and means.

This sprightly octogenarian has not stopped publishing: Freedom is a precious asset in all circumstances. But that is the central point. I am more of a democrat than you are.

It is the condition of the struggle itself.

You defend the “communist hypothesis. So what is the path to realising it? The choice between theocracy and a secular regime is decisive for the everyday life of millions of people; it is not linked to the question of private property.

It is like when we are dealing with some difficult mathematical problem. Even that is very doubtful. Don’t have an account?

It has now passed onto a secondary level on account of the failure of communism. It is a brilliant first manipulation of the power of love and dloge we must now bring back to earth.

In my eyes, you are not at all a democrat. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Today, individuals own assets equivalent to what 3 billion others do! Indeed it is not, but the question of the devastation of the planet is linked to the property question. Before we rush to address the question of the means, we elofe to begin by re-establishing the legitimacy of the problem, the relevance of the hypothesis.


Éloge de l’amour

He also announced that he would soon be publishing The Immanence of Truthscompleting a trilogy that also includes Being and Event and Logics of Worlds. They badoou tried in public squares, beaten to death or dispatched to the Gobi Desert and elsewhere. The Chinese today are horrified by it, while for their part the French have adopted the democratic republic.

The suppression of freedom by the Party leads to domination by the communist oligarchy, which creates a new form of inequality.

Badiou: ”Lovprisning af kærligheden”/”Eloge de l’amour”

For when you reduce the Cultural Revolution to this type of episode, this is the stuff of the black legend, a reactionary and ridiculous legend. Alain Badiou, why set yourself up as defender of the Russian and Chinese experiences, if they were failures? You speak of the Red Guards like you do the rest of the Badiu Revolution, i. There should be much more extensive freedom of individual expression than currently exists.