Where could I find the manual for epox ep af sli2?. Does anyone know know where I can find the manual on the 8KHA+? Epox only has the 8KHA and I’m having trouble downloading that one. Abstract: Having heard many great things about the EPoX 8KHA+ I was very excited to IDE CABLE; ATA Cable; FDD CABLE; Driver CD-ROM; Instructions.

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BIOS chip replace inverse 1. Make sure BIOS chip replace appropriate These processors implement advanced design techniques such as: It features full-speed, on-chip cache memory, a MHz front side system bus, and enhanced 3DNow!

Although both processors are related, there are key differences. The AMD Athlon processor is targeted at the performance segment, and as such will have more cache memory and higher clock speeds. ATX form factor is essentially a Baby-AT baseboard rotated 90 degrees within the chassis enclosure and a new mounting configuration for the power supply.

With these changes the processor is relocated away from the expansion slots, allowing them all to hold full length add-in cards. Installation Easy Installation Procedure The following must be completed before powering on your new system: System memory Configuration Installation Step 3 Close the socket by lowering and locking the actuation lever. Installation Section Jumper Settings The mainboard was designed with very few jumpers to make your installation faster and easier.

Figure 6 and Table 1 show several possible memory configurations. DIMM modules are installed by placing the chip firmly into the socket at a 90 degree angle and pressing straight down figure 8 until it fits tightly into the DIMM socket figure 9.

Telephony Connector for Modem audio output. Installation Device Connectors continued This is connected to the power button on the case. Using the Soft-Off by Pwr-BTTN feature, you can choose either Instant Off turns system off immediatelyor 4 sec delay you need to push the button down for 4 seconds before the system turns off.

You must push the Power button connected with onboard J3 pin to wake up you system not to click to mouse or press epix to wake up the system. Just pushing Power button, your system will quickly back to the last screen for you.

The modified data will be stored in a battery-backed CMOS, so that data will be retained even when the power is turned off. BIOS The menu displays manuzl the major selection items. Select the item you need to reconfigure.


An on-line help message is displayed at the bottom of the screen as the cursor is moved to various items which provides a better understanding of each function. During and after the system boots up, any attempt to write to the boot sector or partition table of the hard disk drive will halt the system and an error message will appear. You should then run an anti-virus program to locate the virus. Keep in mind that this feature protects only the boot sector, not the entire hard drive.

The BIOS attempts to load the operat- ing system from the devices in the sequence selected in these items. This is the number of characters that will be repeated by a keyboard press.

The default is 6. This item will help you to configure your system performance quickly and easily. There are four selections. Manuwl a selection is mode, the other related items will automatically vary values. Normal, Fast, Fastest, Turbo. If you select the higher performance, compatibility problem could be occurred. Setup the timing at each cycle.

The option will improve system performance. However, if any program writes to this memory area, a system error may result. The default is Enabled.

This option mannual for faster video wpox. The default value is Enabled. Select Enabled to activate each channel separately. Enable prefetching for 8khs drive interfaces that support its faster drive accesses. Select Enabled if your system has a floppy disk controller FDC installed on the system board and you wish to use it. If you install and-in FDC or 8khz system has no floppy drive, select Disabled in this field.

EPOX EP-8KHA Motherboard Mainboard

This field allows the user to configure the LPT port. IDE Block Mode allows the controller to access blocks of sectors rather than a single sector at a time.

This menu allows the user to modify the power management parameters and IRQ signals. When enabled and after the set time of system inactivity, the hard disk drive will be powered down while all other devices remain active. When enabled and after the eepox time of system inactivity, all devices except the CPU will be shut off. This field lets you determine the state that your PC returns to after a power failure. When manuzl to Enable rtc alarm resume, you could set the date of month and timer hh: This is the temperature that the computer will respond to an overheating CPU.

The default is Disabled.

EPOX MU-8KHA User Manual

The voltage level of the CPU Vio. The voltage level of the DRAM. This is the temperature that the computer will turn off the power to combat the effects of an overheating system.


When enabled the motherboard will automatically disable the clock source for a DIMM socket which does not have a module in it. Same applies for PCI slots. This setting will reduce the EMI.

8jha differences between are: Install all components recommended. You only need to copy the Ghost5 folder or Ghost. Appendix There are 3 hard disk functions: Disk To Disk disk cloning 2.

Disk To Image disk backup 3. Disk From Image restore backup Important! To use this function, the system must have at least 2 disks. Press the Tab key to move the cursor.

Click OK to display 8khx following confirmation epoc.

Select Yes to start. Disk To Image Disk Backup 1. Select the location of the Source drive.

Select the location for storing the backup file. Disk From Image Restore Backup 1. Select the Restore file. Select the Destination drive of the disk to be restored. When restoring disk backup, set the required partition size as shown in the following figure. Appendix There are 3 partition functions: Partition To Partition partition cloning 2. Partition To Image partition backup 3. Refer to disk cloning for the operation method. Select the path and file name for storing the backup file.

Is the file compressed? There are 3 options: Small volume compression 3 High: File can be manuzl to its minimum, but this requires longer execution time.

Epox 8KHA+ PCSTATS Review – BIOS Features for the Tweaker

Select the source partition. Select the disk to be restored. Select the partition to be restored. Select Yes to start restoring.

Check This function checks the hard disk or backup file for backup or restoration error due to FAT or track error. Appendix How to Reinstall Windows in 2 Minutes This chapter teaches you how to set your computer properly and, if necessary, reinstall Windows in 2 minutes. Ghost can use different methods to complete this task. Emergency Recover Floppy Divide a hard disk into two partitions. Appendix 2 After booting, the screen displays the Menu. Select Backup or Restore: The following is a simple guide to how to create a recover CD: Batch mode is useful for automat- ing installations for backups using Ghost.

Most of the Ghost switches are used to assist with batch mode operation.