ŞEYH İBRAHİM SAFEVÎ DÖNEMİNDE ERDEBİL TEKKESİ / ARDABIL DARVISH LODGE UNDER SHEIKH IBRAHIM SAFAVI. Öz Gerek Azerbaycan ve Anadolu. Özet Bildiri, Erdebil Tekkesinin Rum diyarındaki faaliyetleri ve bu faaliyetlerini yürüttüğü halifelerinden Şeyh Hamidi Veli Somuncu Baba’yı konu edinmektedir.

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For this reason, we have prepared a Sultanahmet travel guide for you, where you can see the most important works of Sultanahmet. It is the most famous Halveti monopoly in Istanbul Halvet is an Arabic word and it means secluded, retreat, loneliness and lonely.

The Halvetian sect was one of the most influential sects in the Ottoman period. This lodge, which is one of them, was built in by Sheikh Yusuf Sinan Erdebil. The building has been renewed many times. Today, Tekke has been transformed tekkesk a law firm and semi-precious stones.

Safevîlik – Vikipedi

It is tekkes only street in Sur that has been completely restored. There are hostels and Istanbul Library on the street. Unfortunately, even though Istanbul residents do not live in these places, still it is the most beautiful street in Istanbul …. All Istanbul residents should visit the library which has all kinds of documents and books related erdebill Istanbul.

In addition to the richness of the books, the good-humoured librarian Neslihan Yalav is one of the Istanbulites. The place is a nice alternative for those who want to eat in a Byzantine cistern with eredbil decor. The cistern, which was thought to belong to the early Byzantine period, had a structure on it. It is one of the most important memories of the 15th century Fatih and one of the rare works that still keep the medieval atmosphere in the city alive.


It is the biggest square fountain built in the Ottoman period. This fountain is one of the best reflections of the joy of the Tulip Era.


Imareti of Mahmud I: It is one of the most important works of Ottoman baroque style. It is especially noticeable with its magnificent gate. The inscription was written by Moral Bashir Aga, the famous calligrapher of the 18th century. Bath-house of Haseki Hurrem Sultan: Plan and design of this double bath, which is the only example of Ottoman bath architecture, is used as a souvenir shop of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. It is a restored greenhouse in the 19th century house, there is a small greenhouse and a pink marble pool in the garden.

It is an Ottoman madrasah where traditional tekkesi such as calligraphy, gilding, marbling and skin are produced and sold. erdebiil


In addition, erdbil structure, even if not fit for the elegance, is called the Kabasakal Madrasah. It is one of the most spectacular works of Turkish neoclassical architecture. This mosque, which was built in the 15th century, was also called the in Qibla of the mosques It is one of the most beautiful gates on the Marmara coast walls. This door, which is still in use, opens to the coastal road in one direction.

Remains of the Stair Tower the ruins of the Magnaura Palace: One of the ruins of the Byzantine emperors is located here. Although it has been claimed to be the Magnaura Palace in recent years, this has not yet been finalized.


The structure consists of the infrastructures around tekkewi ramp staircase that connects the two terraces of the palace. The history of mosaics, which are the memory of the magnificent palaces of Byzantine emperors, dates back to the 6th century.

These mosaics are rich in the Mediterranean world and have rich scenes. Remains of Sokollu Mehmet Pasha Palace: The ruins seen as a high wall in front of Arasta remained the last memories of a queen palace from the 16th century.

The two wooden mansions built in the 19th century were converted into a lodge; but the last sheikh of the sons of this manhole with the children, today is using as parking. Sultanahmet Foundation Carpet ercebil Rug Museum: It is a magnificent work built in the architecture of Sedefkar Mehmed Agha in the 17th century. It is one of the rare tombs living with all its elements and ornament elements.

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