The Erra Epos Very few people know that the recorded annihilation of the two cities south of the Dead Sea which was Sodom and Gomorrah as described in. more than the Iliad’s, are gods: Erra, god of war, his minister Ishum, and development of epic, the poem of Erra and Ishum belongs in the. 30 Erra seems confident that he will succeed in persuading Marduk to leave renderings as there are translators: F. Gossmann, Das Erra-Epos (Wurzburg.

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Assyrian Hero with a small Lion.

The Erra Epic

Narrator invokes Marduk, chief deity of Babylon, and Ishum, vanguard and companion of Erra. Erra is restless and breaks into a soliloquy. He is anxious to fight and campaign, but hesitates through natural inertia.

Says he to his weapons. O Engidudu, who patrols at night, ever guiding the noble, Who ever guides young men and women in safety, making light as day, The Seven, warriors unrivalled, their divine nature is different, Their origins are strange, they are terrifying, Whoever sees them is numbed with fear.

Their breath of life is death, People are too frightened to appproach it! Yet Ishum is the door, bolted before them. When Anu, the king of the gods, sowed his seed in the earth, She bore him seven gods, he called them the Seven. He said to the sixth. After Anu had ordained destinies for all of the Seven, He gave those very ones to Erra, warrior of the gods, saying: The Seven offer the encouragement that Erra needs.

In a rousing epoz to arms, they extol the heroic excitement of the campaign, the honor, prestige and etra it brings. The Seven claim vaguely that they are not respected enough, that others are growing more important than they. They bring up the old charge that men make too much noise for the gods to sleep, although this was not the cause Erra had given for his lown lack of sleep.

The Seven claim further that there are too many wild animals on the loose. Erra final claim no doubt the most important one, is that they are bored and out of training. He made ready to speak and said to Ishum: When Ishum heard what he said, he felt pity and said ot the warrior Erra: Erra made ready to speak and said to Ishum, his vanguard: He entered Esagila, palace of heaven and earth and stood before him.


He made ready to speak, saying erea the king of the gods: When I looked again, it was struggle to get enough. When Erra heard this, he made himself ready to speak, saying to noble Marduk: He arose from his dwelling, an inaccessible place, He set out for the dwelling of the Anunna-gods.

He entered that house and stood before them.

Erra-Epos – Google Books

The gods convene to discuss the situation. The repairs are proceeding well.

Erra heard him […] … He entered […]. All that he has done is to perform his guard duty and now has been sent home, his services no longer required, without a campaign. This is because he is the most valliant god, no evil rises to oppose him. This he fails to perceive, but, in his blind rage, he resolves to fight his war anyway, to show Marduk and Ea that he is not to be taken so lightly.

He was sitting in the E-meslam, taking up his dwelling, He thought to himself what habe been done, His heart being stung, it could give him no answer, But he asked it what it would have him do. There follows a gap in the text. The deed spoken and done, Ishum is remonstrating that Enlil has forsaken his city. Erra, in a frenzy, cries for more, and, having done enough himself, lets loose the Seven.

How can he now say that no one respects him? The speech that Ishum made pleased him like finest oil. Thus spoke the warrior Erra.

Then, afterwards, let the Akkadian arise to slay them all, to rule them, everyone. Ishum set out for the mountain Hehe, the homeland of the Suteans. The Seven, warriors unrivalled, fell in behind him.

Erra (god)

When the warriors reached the mountain Hehe, he raised his hand, he destroyed the mountain, He recknoned the mountain Epks as level ground, he cut away the trunks of the cedar forest, The thicket looked as if the deluge had passed over, He laid waste cities and turned them into open spaces, Errra obliterated mountains and slew their wild life, He convulsed the sea and destroyed its increase He brought the stillness of death upon swamp and thicket, burning like fire, He cursed the wildlife and returned to clay.

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After Erra was calmed and took up his own abode, All the gods were gazing at his face, All the Igigi-gods and the Anunna-gods stood in awe, Erra made ready to speak, saying to all the gods: Ishum made ready to speak, saying to the warrior Erra these words: How it came to pass that Erra grew angry and set ou to lay waste the lands and destroy their peoples, But Ishum, his counsellor calmed him and left a remnant, The composer of its text was Kabit-ilani-Marduk, of the family Dabibi. He revealed it at night, and just as he the god?

Not one line did he add. When Erra heard it he approved, dpos pertained to Ishum his vanguard, satisfied him. All the gods praised this poem, then the warrior Erra spoke thus: You are commenting using your WordPress.

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The Erra Epic | Zecharia Sitchin Index

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