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Láser terapia en el manejo de aftas mayores – Reporte de caso

The purpose of this research is to describe the possible etiologic agents, clinical features and treatment of this disease and also to recommend the multidisciplinary attention to these patient. Immunogenetics markers and immune response in patients with recurrent oral ulceration.

Thalidomide as treatment of refractary aphtous ulceration related to human immunodeficiency virus infection. Oral Dis, 7pp. Int J Hematol, 73pp.

Lijec Vjesn ; Inicio Ediciones Volumen 51, No. Asian Pac J Allergy Immunol ; Increased anxiety level and high salivary and serum cortisol concentrations in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis.

Medicina Oral ; 1: J Oral Pathol Med ; Efficacy of bioadhesive patches in the treatment of recurrent aphtous stomatitis. Med Clin Barc,pp. Estomattiis is considered one of the emergencies in dentistry, and appear as one or multiple, different shapes o sizes, painful ulceration, due to the lost of epithelium. Detection, enumeration and characterization of T afgosa cells secreting type 1 and type 2 cytokines in patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis.


Ferguson MM, et al. Numerous and miscelany therapies have been proposed but the results found on the vast literature are inconsistent. Sustained relief of oral aphtous ulcer pain from topical diclofenac in hyaluronan.

Continuing navigation recieivante be considered as acceptance of this use. Albanidou-Farmaki E, et al. Serum cytokines, interleukine-2 receptor and soluble ICAM-1 in oral disorders. J Oral Pathol Med ; Pediatr Infect Dis J, 87pp. Es de crucial importancia en este punto consultar a un especialista.

J Dermatol, 28pp. Brozovic S, et al. A variety of different etiologies pathologies can affect the oral cavity, due to this reason, dentists must be able to identify them and their consequences if they are not treated on time. Scand J Dent Res, 91pp. Leucocyte dysfunction in oral mucous membrane diseases. J Oral Pathol Med ;25 7: Aphthous ulcers and vitamin B12 deficiency.

J Oral Maxillofac Surg, 51pp.

Estomatitis aftosa recidivante: Conducta odontológica – ScienceOpen

Br Med J ; Lack of effect of oral acyclovir on prevention of aphtous stomatitis. La talidomida y la pentoxifilina, inhibidores del FNT, se utilizan en dosis variables dependiendo de la severidad de las lesiones y tolerancia del paciente. Un vistazo a estpmatitis medicina alternativa. J Ala Dent Assoc, 80pp.


Can Fam Physician, ; Management of aphthous ulcers. Immunologic aspects of recurrent oral ulcers. Current concepts of the etiology and pathogenesis of ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

N Engl J Med,pp. Acta Otorrinolaringol Esp, 50pp. Rev Clin Esp,pp. Ulcers, Aphthous stomatitis, Laser therapy, Laser therapy, low level. Actually the recurrent aphtous stomatitis is recognized, as the most common estoomatitis mucosa disease at the human beings.

J Am Acad Dermatol, 12pp. Sun A, et al. Estomatitis aftosa recidivante 2-parte: J Lab Clin Estomatiris ; Effects of suspected foodstuff challenging agents in the etiology recidivqnte recurrent aphthous stomatitis. Piel, 8pp. Experimenta Dermatology en prensa. Autoimmune neutropenia with cyclic oscillation of neutrophil count after steroid administration.

J Am Dent Assoc ; 2: Estomatitis aftosa recidivante del tipo me-nor: Pharmacological management of recurrent oral mucosal ulceration.