ST Series Flow Meter. Fluid Components FCI is a registered trademark of Fluid Components International LLC. Information subject to. The Model ST flow meter combines a broad selection of insertion-type flow elements with calibration in FCI NIST traceable facility. — Exclusive patented. The ST Series Thermal Flow Meter, from Fluid Components International (FCI ), provides precision carbon dioxide (CO2) gas mass flow.

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You get a ton of features in one meter?

Because the ST is kind of amazing? Company Profile Email Us. This one-of-a-kind Factory Automation Playbook is packed with best practices, practical tips and pitfalls to avoid on a wide range of topics, from defining project objectives to selecting components to implementing technologies that can make your automated systems smarter and more productive.

Forgot user name or password? The ST can be calibrated to measure virtually fco process gas, including wet gas, mixed gases and dirty gases. You can have your most important data up without needing to swap things around.

Product Review: FCI ST Thermal Mass Flow Meter — Visaya eShop

You have a huge list of different gases that the ST can measure effortlessly. Instrument approvals submitted and pending include: FCI developed the advanced ST Series Flow Meters in response to countless hours of discussions with a wide range of instrument, process and plant engineers who wanted both more comprehensive measurement information as well as the flexibility to adapt to plant and process control technology they might deploy in the future.


Company Name Fluid Components International. But I want this one. The ST stores up to five unique calibration groups to accommodate broad flow ranges, differing mixtures of the same gas and multiple gases, and obtains up to An optional, patent-pending SpectraCal Gas Equivalency calibration method lets users select and switch between 10 common gases.

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For applications with wet or dirty gases, or erratic flows, the unshrouded S-style facilitates easy cleaning and provides a smoothed response.

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Secrets to Automation Project Success. This functionality can make your life so much easier!

VeriCal System For FCI ST100 Air/Gas Flow Meter Improves Performance and Reduces Maintenance

Why should I care? The ST can be calibrated to measure virtually any process gas, including wet gas, mixed gases and dirty gases. If so, then definitely save your money fcci buy a simpler device. The ST is agency approved for hazardous environments, including the entire instrument, the transmitter and the enclosure.

Like what you are reading? The user-friendly ST stores up to five unique calibration groups to accommodate broad flow ranges, differing mixtures of the same st100 and multiple gases, and obtains up to Automation News and Trends.

Introducing The ST100 Mass Flow Meter: Gas Flow Measurement Is Now ‘Future-Ready’

The basic ST can do flow and temperature. News May 27, Please check your inbox. Wir freuen uns, dass Sie ein Mitglied geworden sind! A lot of flow meters on the market force you to buy a separate data logger, and here you sg100 two in one! Oh, by the way, it also has USB ports and Ethernet communicationwhich brings it to another level entirely.


Diese Information hilft uns um eine professionelle Community bei Visaya aufzubauen. Also standard is an on-board data logger with an easily accessible, removable 2-GB micro-SD memory card zt100 of storing 21 million readings. With its simplified integration, the ST also allows a variety of digital and analog protocols: But if you want something else, then FCI offers several other models for pressure, dual-element, and much more.

Why do we do products reviews and comparisons. The ST family measures both mass flow and temperature, and the exclusive STP family adds a third parameter—pressure. Don’t miss intelligence crucial to your job and business! Each newsletter ranges in frequency from once per month to a few times per month at most. It also has a micro-SD with 2GB capacity, which means you can store around 21 million readings.

Sind Sie bereits Mitglied? Cci ST Series is comprised of two core model families: Food, Beverage and Pharma. Sie finden sie in unserem Multimarken- eShop.