FogBugz includes a wiki for creating and maintaining documentation. The. Fog Creek Software Made in NYC and around the world. FogBugz in Two Minutes. “But I only have one minute!” No worries, there’s a .

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Please see the following articles for details on how to customize the integration:. Edits an existing milestone available with FogBugz 8. Please see this article for details on what’s new, what’s changed, and where you can find all your favorite things. You should not need to look at this field.

Tools: Manuscript [TestRail Documentation]

For each version, you can click a link to see a graphical display showing what changed relative to the previous version. The wiki article info page contains article details, history and a list of all links to and from the article.

If omitted, list intervals for the logged on user. The next step is to configure all the necessary connection settings in the Configuration field. You can copy the article to a new one, set it as the root for the containing wiki or delete the article.

Administrators can also determine which users can view, create and edit cases within a project with permissions Each project has a primary contact. FogBugz has three kinds of filters: You must import them in order from lowest to highest case number.

About Contact Privacy Policy Terms. The wiki is tightly integrated with FogBugz. The minversion field is used to warn you if the current version of the API is not backwards compatible. View the complete set of EBS milestone work simulations for all users required to complete this milestone and all of its dependencies.

Projects and Areas

The list of filters is already in the same order that users are used to seeing it in the FogBugz user interface and should be preserved. This functionality is provided for importing cases from another system. You can create a link to any FogBugz case simply by typing the case number when you insert a link. This will take you to the Edit Wiki page, where you can select a template.


Documentation FogBugz includes a wiki: Can be a documentatioj, a case number, a fogbuhz separated list of case numbers without spaces, e.

For documenttation, if the current highest case number is 35, and you want the next case number to start atthen you can run this command with the value of You can read more about this encoding type in the RFC.

Any optional arguments that are not included will clear the corresponding data from the milestone. FogBugz will supply you with a list of full names; you must provide the appropriate full name to log on.

An example of an html page which submits to the api to create a new case and upload a file would look like this:. If omitted, will mark case as being viewed up to the latest bugevent. TestRail allows you to customize the integration to work with your own custom fields or to map users between TestRail and Manuscript. Tags make it easy to find what you are looking for in FogBugz. The info page also shows you what links to the article and what outbound links the article contains.

Manage the list of email addresses which FogBugz auto-completes when you enter a correspondent in a case. This command will also remove any associations between a milestone and projects. Administrators can also determine which users can view, create and edit cases within a project with permissions. You can supply any address for the sFrom field, although the UI restricts you to email addresses that FogBugz is actively checking so that when a user replies to your email, it will actually go back into FogBugz.

You can assign due dates and receive escalation reports to make sure customers receive timely responses. A handy screenshot tool that runs on the desktop lets you submit a picture of a bug to FogBugz with just two clicks.


Available columns are listed below in the case xml output.

For example, if the current highest case number is 35, and you want the next case number to start atthen you can run this documentatiln with the value of If q is not present, returns the cases in your current filter. A database of cases, to track bugs, features, and inquiries A wiki, for all your technical documentation Discussion groups Out-of-the-box, FogBugz tracks four kinds of cases: When a customer reports a bug, via email or on a discussion group, it can easily be assigned to a developer to fix and be tracked just like any other bug.

Our recommended approach is to start ffogbugz just one areacalled Miscellaneousand use it for everything. If it was Monday at 3pm and you wanted to know what the date would be for something due in 5 hours, it would give you back the next day, Tuesday at 12 noon.

Welcome to the FogBugz API

A template applies to all articles within each wiki. To change the current filter pass in the sFilter attribute from the listFilters cmd: Anyone on the team can reply to email and instantly see the entire history of the email conversation with a given customer. The private tag can almost always be ignored by non-Fog Creek api clients. Customer email FogBugz lets your team collaboratively handle a public email address like support example. View the distribution of overall completion dates for this milestone at this Priority.

Using reference URLs to link test cases to Manuscript.