FOOTLOOSE. Musical. 3rd High School of Pyrgos Ilias. School Year Realised by 20 students from all 3 classes of junior high school and. coordinated by. Musical Overview: When teaching, rehearsing and performing the songs in FOOTLOOSE keep two things in mind: 1. Our score draws. To the rockin’ rhythm of its Oscar and Tony-nominated top 40 score (the Premiere Production: In , Footloose the musical opened at the Richard Rodgers.

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It doesnt confuse the mind.

Its a journey from boyhood to maturity. Musicals — Excerpts — Vocal scores with piano.

Footloose Script Word

REN raises his libeetto. I just hate it! COP This a friend of yours, Chuck? Heaven Help Me Reprise Write a review Rate this item: My babys in a panic!

Please enter your name. What do you see? He looks to his family. Before you make a fist, make sure its your fight. Daddy, lately all you do is look for the worst in people and then, of course, you find libfetto. The Potawney Bridge Accident!

  G3S4 D1 PDF

I think shes good-looking and all. Archived from the original on October 3, A memory that has weighed me down as surely as a great stone. They wouldnt be boycotting my Uncles business.

Reprise ” — Shaw ” Footloose Finale ” — Company. Ren is favorably supported, but the members don’t listen and the motion is dismissed. REN Boy, do I know what you mean! Moore is a smart man who depends on logic to provide him with a compass by which he can steer his life and the lives of his parishioners; but in Heaven Help Me, Rev. Camp Footloose Application Form Page 1 of When shes in her fathers presence, for instance, she is buttonedup and demure; with Chuck, she burns off all her unexpressed, explosive energy with raucous, thrill-seeking behavior.

Unbeknownst to them, Chuck witnesses the pair together. REN Members of the Council: Just as Ren’s confidence has built up, Ariel shows up with a black eye and tells Ren that Chuck beat her up. What am I going to do with you? It is then they both realize they’ve fallen in love with each other “Almost Paradise”.

And this is our time. SHAW Stop taking her side! She can see how troubled he is. She truly believes that she and Willard were meant to be together, but theyre both so inept about expressing themselves that it takes Ren and a little time on the dance floor to ultimately bring that about.


Footloose (musical)

Ariel, get back to practice. Ren leaves, but struck by Ren’s insight, Moore struggles with what to do “I Confess”.

There was, like, six of them! I think Im running out of answers. Citations are based on reference standards. BOYS Are you out of your mind? Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. REN considers her suggestion.

Footloose/On Any Sunday Lyrics – Footloose musical

REN Like a drawling cowboy. REN Wherere you gonna go? Lights down on them. Its just that I dont know if I believe in all the things you believe in. Jus whatre you doin with the preachers daughter?