Fresenius Renal Technologies offers a wide range of biocompatible, polysulfone dialyzers to meet the clinical needs of all patient types. Proven. Hollow Fiber Dialyzer. GENERAL INFORMATION. Indications: Hemoflow/Optiflux dialyzers are designed for acute and chronic hemodialysis and are appropriate. The FX-class® dialysers are sterilised by the unique. INLINE steam sterilisation process specifically developed by Fresenius Medical Care. During the INLINE.

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FX CorDiax dialyzers Designed to dialyze. Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries. The blood-rich peritoneum is surrounded by the fluid for ffresenius hours.

FX classix dialyzers – Fresenius Medical Care

Contributions to Nephrology, Vol. More thanrenal patients around the world live with a donor kidney. Modern technology replaces vital kidney functions Most patients with chronic renal failure receive treatment at a dialysis clinic three to four times a week — either in a dialyzerrs clinic or at home. The kidneys of these patients are unable to filter metabolic toxins and excess water from the blood for excretion through the urine.

Blood flows through as many as 20, extremely fine fibers, known as capillaries, clustered in a plastic tube approximately 30 centimeters long. The blue header with its laterally placed blood inlet port is designed to reduce the risk of kinked bloodlines, aiming at smooth handling and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what really matters — the best care for patients. The back side of the flyer typically contains dialyzer specifications, as shown here.

Fmcna Dialyzers – Fmcna Dialyzers

A combination of a variety of used cardboards and flowing blue tones. Optimized dialysate flow The 3-dimensional microwave structure of the fiber ensures uniform radial dialysate flow around each fiber within the bundle by preventing fluid channeling, thereby enhancing clearance values and improving the overall performance of the dialyzer.


Home dialysis is an alternative to treatment at a dialysis clinic.

A very large and competive market, with several manufacturers, serves the needs of the hemodialysis community. Significantly higher removal rates were observed with FX CorDiax for: The lateral blood-inlet port ensures more homogenous blood flow in the dialyzer header, preventing stagnation zones.

Not all products are cleared or available for sale in all Asia Pacific countries. Older dialysis patients often suffer from additional illnesses that make it difficult to perform dialysis at home. These include dialyzers artificial kidneys and systems for peritoneal dialysis dialysis via the peritoneum.

FX CorDiax

Diqlyzers pure, sterile and pyrogen-free dialyzers without any potentially harmful residuals from sterilization Biocompatibility of membranes remains unaffected from sterilization Optimized use of resources due to low rinsing volumes: By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies.

A kidney transplant is the third treatment option for patients with chronic kidney failure. FX dialyzers weigh around half as much as most dialyzers.

By continuing to browse the website, you consent to our use of cookies. There, a fluid known as dialysate transports the toxins and excess water filtered from the blood away from the body.

Improved design and refined hemodynamics The lateral blood-inlet port provides a homogenous blood-flow path, avoiding low velocity stagnation zones in the header region The risk of accidental kinking of bloodlines is very low. Anti-coagulants are also added to the blood dialyzer prevent it from clotting. The medical device and therapy related information on this website is aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals.


Comparison clearance values F8 HPS effective surface area 1. They no longer have to commute for treatments, winning valuable extra time. Most patients with chronic renal failure receive treatment at a dialysis clinic three to four times a week — either in a dialysis clinic or at home. The peritoneum has characteristics similar to those of the dialyzer: The image shows calmly lapping waves, dresenius the microwave structure of the fibers.

Biocompatibility profile of the Polysulfone membrane. Endotoxin adsorption per cm 2 membrane surface area after min in-vitro dialysis with contaminated dialysate 1.

The blood-filtering therapy is usually administered three times a week and lasts three to five hours per treatment.

For this reason, patients with chronic kidney failure must also take drugs to control e. Kind to the environment Advanced design goes beyond direct functionality, it also has to be easy on the environment. FX classix dialyzers provide high-flux frssenius therapy to improve clinical outcomes in patients in comparison to low-flux hemodialysis.

In addition, patients must have enough room for the treatment and a dialysis assistant. Does nanotechnology apply to dialysis?

Fresenius Medical Care uses cookies on this website to enhance the user experience and provide the best possible service. The system has a number of automatic monitoring dialyzres control functions that ensure a safe and efficient dialysis treatment for patients.

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