Formula Student Electric Rules Brake Over-Travel Switch (Specific FSG change of Formula SAE® Rule B ). ARTICLE 1: FORMULA STUDENT OVERVIEW AND COMPETITION – as article 1 from FSAE Rules except. Formula Student permits students to compete. SAE International. All Rights Reserved. Formula SAE Rules revision. Formula SAE® Rules. Table of Contents.

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That makes me relieved because our drivers as tall as the 95th percentile male. Bonded joints without a mechanical backup are not permitted. And it’s a mixed bag next year anyway.

If the wing supports are in front of the Front Bulkhead, the supports must be included 20122 the test of the Impact Attenuator for T3.

Exhaust System Exhaust manifold insulation wrap. Document Access — Uploaded documents can only be viewed by 1 members of the submitting team, 2 authorized judges, technical inspectors and officials and 3 CDS staff.

It may be necessary to have more than one person to achieve this requirement. Fixing typos and clarifying frequently asked questions is not included in that, but wherever possible we’re avoiding changing things on the ‘off year’.

To use this website, you must agree fsa our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The ball will have the Note – There may be a delay of up to three 3 business days between the time your team registers for a competition and the fsaeonline site recognizes the validity of your authentication number and the captain can create his account.

Formula SAE Rules par daum – FSAE Rules pdf – Fichier PDF

Cables, wires, hoses, tubes, etc. No fore and aft translation of the template will be permitted during insertion. Introduction Most sophisticated vehicles used in the most technologically advanced form of sports. Share buttons are a little bit lower. See the figure below. Please note that different documents or submissions may have different deadlines — check the event websites. Specifically, teams may elect to comply with either: A 7-point system — system is the same as the 6-point except it has three 3 anti-submarine straps, two 2 from the 6-point system and one 1 from the 5-point system.


Carefully read the event rules and check the website of the competition you are entering.

РЕГЛАМЕНТ англ – Стр 2

Kaley Zundel, kzundel sae. Fasteners that attach intake manifold to cylinder head Fasteners that attach the fuel rail Fuel rail fasteners Intake manifold fasteners. Until that system is ready for use questions should be submitted following the traditional procedure covered by rules A For everyone else, this is a tuning issue.

Equivalency calculations must be submitted for energy dissipation, yield and ultimate strengths in bending, buckling, and tension. As examples, all event site waiver requirements, speed limits, parking and facility use rules apply to FSAE participants. Be a minimum of All steel is treated equally – there is no allowance for alloy steel tubing, e. Fuel fill cap needs to be secure enough to withstand pressurization of the tank cap needs threads or latches. Safety Gear check Like last year, we will inspect the following items first on Wednesday, before the team brings the car for inspection.

Using tubing of the specified outside diameter but with greater wall thickness, Or of the specified wall thickness and a greater outside diameter, Or replacing round tubing with square tubing of the same or larger size to those listed above, Are NOT rules deviation requiring approval.

2015 FSAE Rules students.sae.org /cds/formulaseries/rules/ Format

The dry tires will be used for all inspections. The vehicle must be open-wheeled and open-cockpit a formula style body with four 4 wheels that are not in a straight line. Cost Reports that are not submitted will receive negative one hundred points and may not participate in the Cost Event. The attachment point must be the position along the tube where it deviates farthest from a straight line connecting both ends.


Anything your team uploads to the site is considered to be an official action by your team. The material of all straps must be in perfect condition.

Published by August Miller Modified over 2 years ago. All protests must be filed in writing and presented to the organizer or SAE staff by the team captain. Neither SAE staff nor any competition organizers are permitted to give advice on visas, customs regulations or vehicle shipping regulations concerning the United States or any other country. Side Impact Zone — The area of the side of the car extending from the top of the floor to mm A 5-point system — consists of a 76 mm 3 inch wide lap belt, approximately 76 mm 3 inch wide shoulder straps and a single approximately 51 mm 2 inch wide anti-submarine strap.

Shipments must be sent with the sending team or university listed as the receiving party.

Fsqe Device Locations New restrictions on wing positions, diagrams below. The material properties derived from these tests must then be used in the SES for the appropriate equivalency calculations Note: Egress 1st driver during regular inspection. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.