The Dwellings of the Philosophers has 80 ratings and 3 reviews. Aldo said: Un libro non per tutti. Anzi, in realtà, è un libro proprio per pochi. Addentr. What’s your problem with Fulcanelli and The Hairy Pootter saga? Can you explain a little bit more? Personnaly, I see not problem reading HP. Thread: “The Dwellings of the Philosophers” by Fulcanelli but in Dwellings of The Philosophers, Fulcanelli or perhaps the editor or translators.

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Let us, in passing, pay a supreme tribute to the passionate defender of antique truths — Paracelsus; the great tribune deserves from us eternal gratitude for his ultimate and courageous intervention. For, in spite of the warnings, the objurations of their authors, students persisted in reading them according to the meaning that they hold in ordinary language.

The Montmartre district of Paris delivers to whoever desires it, according to the price offered, the unknown Rembrandt or the authentic Teniers. Lefebvre in two remarkable and much read articles published in June in The New Reviewdemolished the Neo-Latinism thesis from beginning to end by proving that Abbot Espagnolle in his book The Origin of French was indeed right; that our language, as the greatest scholar of the 16th century had guessed, was Greek; that Roman domination in Gaul had only covered our language with a thin layer of 29 Latin, in no way altering its genius”.

They demand security born of order and concord in order to grow, to bloom, and to bear fruit. The auri sacra fames fulcanelpi hunger for gold ruined the nobleman, caused despair in the common man, starved anyone who let himself be caught, and profited dwellibgs the charlatans. Indifference, ignorance, and oblivion have completed the disintegrating action of centuries.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers

We assert therefore, without taking sides, that the great scientists whose opinions we have quoted are mistaken when they negate the lucrative result of transmutation. The hermetic art prolongs its agony until the 17th century and finally passes away, after having given to the occidental world three offsprings of great influence: An experiment, with the object of synthetically creating hydrochloric acid HC1 from its components, amply demonstrates it.

This is so true that, search as you may, question the ogival statuary, you will never discover a figure of Christ whose expression reveals true suffering. And this precisely differentiates it from the hermetic science, whose proper domain consists above all in the study of efficient causes, of their influences, and of the modalities which they take on according to the settings and conditions.

Results 11 to 18 of We confess that the description “of a sequence of calamities, disasters, and accumulated ruins over years” seems to us truly excessive. And yet, who will teach us why the result of this combination presents, in a special state, characteristics which the gases that produced it do not possess?


Such fine logical statements! On the hood of the furnace strange oblong vessels are aligned, with short pipes, caulked and covered with wax; mattresses, with spheres, rainbowed by metallic deposits, extend their necks, sometimes cylindrical and slender, sometimes widened or inflated; greenish horned vessels, retorts, and pottery dishes sit next to crucibles made of red and flame-like earth. It is from their work that we have extracted our methods and our present theories; they are the most precious result, but they were not the origin”.

Among the motifs surrounding one archivolt of the northern porch of the Beauvais Cathedral, is represented pushing his wheelbarrow, a type of wheelbarrow very similar to the ones we actually use today Plate I. Some inscriptions of mystical meaning fill the voids: Norteo rated it it was amazing Jun 07, Yet the Commission of Fine Arts, through the lips of its experts, declared that it was indeed the great Parisian magistrate, and 4 these illustrious relics were taken down into the crypts of Notre-Dame”.

Vigil of St Chrysogonus, martyr, and others, from around ten-thirty in the evening until 23 approximately twelve-thirty after midnight. A calibrated steel bar is submitted to a continuous and progressive traction whose power is measured with the aid of a dynamograph.

Colbert another ministerwhose fortune had the same origin as that of Louvois, and who had no less vainglorious pretensions to nobility, had taken as his emblem the grass snake 7just as Louvois had chosen the wolf”. The author further adds: St Genevieve,treatise II, 18th cty. If we put equal volumes of chlorine and hydrogen gas in a glass flask, the two gases will keep their own individuality as long as the flask that contains them is kept in darkness.

Join Date May Posts To succeed in the experiment, it is essential to introduce fire, either in the form of a spark, or in the form of an ignited body or still a body liable to be brought to the point of incandescence dwelings sponge.

The Dwellings of the Philosophers by Fulcanelli

Much to the contrary they appear to have been built in the enthusiasm of a powerful inspiration of ideal and faith by a people happy to live in the midst of a flourishing and strongly organized society. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I must have read Dwellings close to ten times.

Occult labor, Cyclopean and thankless task, as vast as a nightmare!

The rare authors who have spoken of the language of the birds give it first place in the origin of languages. His laboratory — cave, cell, or ancient crypt — is dimly lit by gloomy daylight diffused through the myriad dusty spider webs. Damian Murphy rated it it was amazing Jan 17, One will admit that therein lies a truly marvelous particularly of this universal language which appears to us to be both the best key to dwelings sciences and the most perfect method philoosphers humanism.


The taste, that is the only thing which makes wine what it is, and so on with everything else. Could they believe that their local celebrity, that fiery soldier of fortune, Bartholomeo Coleoni, who filled the 15th century Italian annals with his bellicose whims, was nothing but a legendary shadow? Nicolas Grosparmy writes, “Such people truly delude themselves who think that we have only made our books for them, but we have made them to keep out all those who are not 35 of our sect” 5.

Only later, in researching the proofs of this purely conventional filiation, we had to recognize the vanity of our efforts and to reject the error born from classical prejudice. In our big cities, the small streets dig their narrow bed under an agglomeration of cantilevered gables, turrets and balconies, sculpted wooden houses and stone dwellings with delicately ornate facades. Consequently, a keen intelligence, an excellent memory, work, dwelligns attention aided by a strong will are not sufficient qualities to hope to become learned in this subject.

We ourselves believed and for a long time accepted what was taught by our teachers as the expression of truth. We discover yet another evident proof of metallic vitality in the fact that in the United States, the tracks of 22 railroads show without any apparent reason the effects of an unusual evolution. Dagobert, putting on the bellicose appearance of a warrior, brandished a dagger and was clothed in a mail, hence Dagobert And since resistance increases philosophrs direct proportion to the density of the environment, heat and light are stronger on the surface of the earth than at great altitudes because the strata of air are also denser.

Not the wisest thing. And so, I beg those who will read this little book to credit my words.

The Dwellings Of the Philosophers

Here, a thought based on the dogma of unity summarizes all of philosophy: Another important thing to do is to locate some of the more important references he mentions and read them as well. Everything is life and movement on this earth.

An imprecise ghost, a lying specter, the marvelous and deceiving chimera indeed deserves to be relegated to the rank of illusions of yesteryear, of false sciences, as a very eminent professor notes 1. The imposition of hidden Greek words under corresponding French terms of a similar texture but of amore or less corrupted meaning allows the investigator to easily penetrate the intimate thought of the masters and gives him the key to the hermetic sanctuary.