Henri Godin; George Steiner, Extraterritorial. Papers on Literature and the Language Revolution, French Studies, Volume XXXIII, Issue suppl. EXTRATERRITORIAL [George Steiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Extraterritorial [George Steiner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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I estab- lish and preserve my experience of self by a stream of internalized address. This article is also available for rental through DeepDyve. It sur- rounded Beckett with a silence, a routine of lunacy and sorrow as tangible as that already guessed at in his art.

A number of his tales and parables can be read as symbolic confessions by a man not fully domiciled in the language in which he chose, or found himself extraterritoriial, to write. Rebatet col- laborated actively with the Nazis. Fred Reinfeld and Mr.

Language is only one, and probably the most recent, of a great sum of expressive codes. Fog, the unknown, non-being.

They make a noise like feathers.

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Other codes used by higher animals may be of remark- able sophistication; in certain regards, such as the memori- zation and exact decipherment of scent and sound, they may be speedier and more economic than speech. Ostrov- sky is all passion and commitment. Hence the weird, cool emptiness which breathes from many Borges texts as from a sudden window on the night.


We can, formally, state such a priority, but it will be void of active meaning as is a blind man’s notion of color. Its implications so far as the new internationalism of cul- ture goes have hardly been grasped. Here we touch genuinely on the puzzle of the dissociation between poetic humanism on the one hand and political sadism on the other, or, rather, on their association in a single psyche.

Full text of “Steiner, George After Babel ( Oxford, )”

Chester- ton is a very odd choice, though again one can make out what The Man Who Was Thursday has contributed to Borges’ love of charade and high intellectual slapstick. The Jewish woman who is called “Mutter” therefore becomes not only comic but strange.

The message, set in a kabbalistic code, written, as it were, in invisible ink, thrust, with the proud casualness of deep modesty, into the most fragile of bottles, has crossed the seven seas there are, of course, many more in the Borges atlas, but they are always multiples of sevento reach every kind of shore.

A musical prodigy, an infant composer or conductor, may in every other respect be a small child, petulant and ignorant as are ordinary children of his age. Even casual notes bear the mark of that gross, fierce rhetoric. The writer is a special master of the language. Both language currents seem simultane- ously active in Beckett’s inter- and intra-lingual composi- tion; translating his own jokes, puns, acrostics, he seems to find in the other language the unique, natural analogue.


To what extent do Russian se- mantic associations initiate the images and contour of the English phrase?

To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. Lived with, the layer cake in Ada may prove a culinary find. There is nothing “im- partial” or “objective,” nor ought there to be, about her encomium of Celine’s “genius.

A Deft Jumble of Cultural Correlatives

Allegoric associations of death with extraterritorial are perennial: He squeezes my windpipe Knowing each game so ridicu- lously well, he steinrr achieved a lunatic speed in mental play. The true writer uses allusions and metaphors. Thus, Borges’ universalism is a deeply felt imaginative strategy, a maneuver to be in touch with the great winds that blow from the heart of things.

Even now, identity remains a threat- ened possession: Product details Hardcover Publisher: Unquestionably, there is humor in this polymath mon- tage. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.