Gods and Generals has ratings and reviews. Ron said: For those who may not know, Jeff Shaara is the son of Michael Shaara who wrote The Killer. This is the question that haunts Gods and Generals, Jeff Shaara’s moving novel Using a novelist’s tools and the techniques of psychohistory, Shaara takes us. The New York Times bestselling prequel to the Pulitzer Prize–winning classic The Killer Angels In this brilliantly written epic novel, Jeff.

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But Jeff rose to the challenge admirably and delivered a book similar in tone to his father’s and carefully maintaining the air of tragedy that his father achieved in The Killer Angels.

It was so well written and interesting. Written by Jeffrey Shaara after his father Michael ‘s death inthe novel relates events from through during the American Civil Warending just as the two armies march toward Gettysburg. I now find myself at a crossroads What specific examples of this do we see in Gods and Generals? E If you like politics and historical fiction, you will really like this book. Init received the W. Obviously, I didn’t know what I was getting into because I know he is very well regarded by many people.

Gods and Generals

In addition to pointing out the historical significance of these spots, he also told us some great personal stories about how he came to know these battlefields so well.

Three of the four were professional soldiers, graduates of the U. Now that I’ve read this book, I feel like going on a history binge. Shawra “Stonewall” Jackson is a man of feeling, Shaara shows us. This article about a genegals novel of the s is a stub. Beautifully told, compelling in its vivid portrayal of the battlefield, and profound in its insights into the minds and hearts of those who fought, Gods and Generals is truly a worthy companion to the timeless The Killer Angels.


All too often, the Southern gensrals are depicted as uneducated brutes who hated slaves. Please try again later.

Gods and Generals (novel) – Wikipedia

A 5 star pick for me! But after completing my reading of the novel, I must say I found no evidence of a rookie author. You really see the stark difference between the Rebels who loved and trusted their leaders, and the Federal armies who distrusted and disliked many of theirs.

Corny dialogue, very stilted. Lee is shaar commander of the Confederate Army, and is not very political. Apr 29, Pages Buy. Without that great book, there would be no Gods and Generals, or the many other books Jeff has written gennerals this first one. I think epic stories covering great distance and a long time period are difficult to write.

With Hooker unable to take action, Lee left with a mere 40, troops, and Jefferson Davis fixated on the defense of Richmond, Lee realizes that the Confederates cannot keep fighting on their own ground, that the Union will be able to return with more men and more equipment “and eventually they will find a commander who understands…who is capable.

In April Chamberlain becomes Commander of the Twentieth Maine, gdnerals the new Union commander, Major General Joseph Hooker, has reorganized the Army into the corps system with individual units identified by insignia which boosts morale.


But you can discover many of these same stories by reading the Civil War Trilogy: Please try again genedals. Battle details, while not entirely absent, are not a main focus of this work.

I never realized how poorly executed the Civil War was at times, and how po I read Gods and Generals mainly because it was the prequel for the book I really wanted to read eventually: Inthe novel was published with the title The Killer Angels. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now.

The decision was difficult in many ways, but most challenging because Jeff had no previous experience as a writer. What was the point there? May 18, Alejandro rated it it was ok. A final point of positive note has to be the willingness to recreate the story of the first months of the Civil War up to Gettysburg piece-by-piece. Jeff Shaara allows you to see what happens after war has been declared — each side pick and choose their generals and their commanders, and introduces vods individuals who later become legendary war heroes.

Read it Forward Read it first. This page was last edited on 9 Marchat Read shaarz Forward Read it first. How do they justify this? When Jackson learns who has shot him, he places no blame and ascribes his injury to “the war.

There is very little I can say about this book that hasn’t already been said.