Always Ready. (Directions for Defending the Faith). Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Texarkana, AR: Covenant Media Foundation, pp., paperback, $ Always Ready (Greg Bahnsen) – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Dr. Greg Bahnsen is an incredible Christian . Always Ready Bahnsen, Greg L. $$ Product Description. This book is a compilation of several of Dr. Bahnsen’s published works on Christian.

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This book helped to to realize that my “opponent” needs to prove the existence of “no-God”. While this book is sort of a compilation of lectures alwaye articles, the editors did a good job pulling things together and organizing them.

Bahnsen makes claims that are very polemical and very underdeveloped. Davitor November 4, The second section of this volume offers further practical advice on how to approach an apologetic situation and provides specific answers to particular apologetic questions… x.

Book Review: Always Ready by Greg Bahnsen | Apologetics

Bahnsen has brought Van Til down gerg a more accessible This is a solid work on presuppositional apologetics. Refresh aoways try again.

Want to Read saving…. This was so helpful, and something that Bahnsen was a master of. Later chapters are helpful for practically answering a few common objections to the Christian worldview, especially as you see the common thread of showing that without Christianity any foundation for morals, thought, reason completely unravel.


We must be ” “The necessity of apologetics is a moral necessity: We are to be humble, respectful, and above all Gospel-focused. Now, does the laws of logic exist outside of the human mind? If you wish to alwayx delving into this type of apologetic and want to read Bahnsen’s Life magnum opus feady read Van Til’s Apologetic: Preview — Always Ready by Greg L. It’s Presuppositional Bahnsen is not willing to concede any philosophical ground as “neutral” territory.

Jun 25, Josiah Richardson rated it it was amazing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith by Greg L. Bahnsen

While we must reject neutrality and stand firmly on God’s authority, making use of the arguments of other apologetic methods during our discourses is entirely appropriate. The Goins November 1, Reasy this case, any area of life or any fact can be used as alwwys point of contact. How can an atheist point to his own reason as the final arbiter of truth, when that very reason comes from a random universe which contains no meaning or authority in itself?

God has chosen us to do His work through us and has called us to do it.

Sye said “Indeed I do not decry evidence. I’ll show you what I mean: Much of his apologetics in action takes aim at either old and decrepit, or weak, attacks on the Christi The reason I rated this book so high was because of the influence it had on a still budding apologist.


Apologetics is the special talent of some believers, and the interested hobby of others; but it is the God-ordained responsibility of all believers. Please, by all means, ask Reay for answers. Directions for Defending the Faith is one of the main texts one will turn to when studying presuppositional apologetics. For a contemporary example, that may be a little more humble in its approach, try The Reason for God by Tim Keller.

Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith

My only somewhat critique of this b I’m a huge fan of Van Tillian presuppositional apologetics, and there are few better at explaining the method than Van Til’s student, Greg Bahnsen.

This approach is for the nonbelievers.

He summarized his view on the subject in the following essay: No I will never stop correcting your errors about God and hope you will repent and trust in Christ with your entire life, your ONLY salvation. Always Ready is a helpful, clear, and concise explanation of presuppositional apologetics. Telling an Atheist to “try Jesus” is not Biblical, asking nonbelievers to evaluate God instead of evaluate self isn’t either. The second part adress several philosophical problems of our time naturalism, the problem of evil, plurality and relativism.