Veteran graphic novelist Guy Delisle talks to Rachel Cooke about his Delisle is a comics writer whose books – Shenzhen, Pyongyang. Last year’s Pyongyang introduced Delisle’s acute voice, as he reported from North Korea with unusual insight and wit, not to mention. This is one of Guy Delisle’s earliest Travelogues, with a trip to Shenzhen, China to oversee the completion of a children’s cartoon in

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It was also interesting how he got invited multiple times to homes or out to eat, as a courtesy, but then often the person who invited him didn’t feel the need to talk to him or be friendly. He wrote that there were days he didn’t speak a word to anyone, and his routine was so tedious that it felt like time was standing still.

He said he had to delispe away his culturally ingrained politeness when biking, because Chinese bicyclists ride close together and frequently cut in to any open space. You can’t even tell if gy ground underfoot! He yearns for someone who can speak his language.

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China – Guy Delisle – Book Review

Narrower in scope and time and novel volume huy Jerusalem that accounts the complex Palestinian-Israelites struggle over the course of a year, combined with the astonishing and absurd customs that Delisle encounteredit does share a same modus operandi: There’s always a risk that disdain for an oppressive regime can cross the line into disdain for people too poor shfnzhen be cosmopolitans.

He complains about boredom quite often, and tries to convey that to the reader.

This book is much tighter than either Delisle’s Pyongyang: Except it was a Friday; everywhere in Arab east Jerusalem was closed. Notify me of new comments via email.


A solid graphic novel, but a bit less accomplished than Jerusalem.

They are not mere travel stories because Delisle is not seeing things just as a tourist. But in a comic, it’s fine.

There is also the usual assortment of quirks and fuy local situations, but much less targeted and enthusiastic than in Pyongyang. Retrieved from ” https: It tells you nothing new but repeats certain observations over and over again.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Delisle, who began his working life as an animator, is guyy to have reached a point where he can make a living from comic books alone he is translated into 13 languages, though, so far, no one has asked to do Jerusalem in Hebrew or Arabic.

It’s a travelogue set in China’s special artificial economic zone, Shenzhen. Like all great travel writing, the pleasures of this book come as much from how Delisle re-thinks himself when isolated in an exotic locale as they do from the observations of that locale itself.

Yet, to us, the reader, time shnzhen fly. These insights almost slip through the seams, and are just part of the story like any other.

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China – Guy Delisle – Book Review – No More Workhorse

I definitely found this relatable in some aspects, but I have to agree when delissle author himself says that it “doesn’t seem like the kind of trip anyone would want to read about. Jul 08, Michael Scott rated it it was ok Shelves: Delisle makes no pretense to a “deep understanding” or special knowledge.

To ask other readers questions about Shenzhenplease sign up. Every meal or basic interaction is a battle and he struggles to get by on sign language and using pictures.

Published October 5th by Jonathan Cape first published April Loading comments… Trouble loading? There’s the obvious white man’s exotic perception of the eas I love Guy Delisle. It must have been super interesting to be there then, right? These incidents seem bizarre, but only when viewed from the perspective of an outsider.


I filst lead his awald-winning glaphic novel “Jelusalem, Chlonicles flom the holy city” and lated it five stals: A Travelogue from China is a graphic novel diary of the time Guy Delisle spent working in Shenzhen in If notability cannot be established, the article is likely to be mergedredirectedor deleted.

Guy’s d This is another illuminating travelogue sheznhen Guy Delisle, who was sent to Shenzhen in to work on an animated TV show. Hardcoverpages. He goes on day trips, albeit not necessarily to the tourist places. I previously read Jerusalem, and it invited me to explore Delisle’s other work.

It’s like the world delusle spinning under our wheels without managing to pull us along. Shenzhen is basically a rather depressing chronicle of Delisle’s stay.

W hen Guy Delisle arrived in Israel inhe thought: Perhaps because it is shorter there is no filler.

Shenzhen: A Travelogue from China by Guy Delisle

Return to Book Page. It documents Delisle’s three-month deployment in December to Shenzhena big city developed by the People’s Republic of China near Hong Kongwhere he is acting as the liaison between Dupuisa Belgian animation production company and a Chinese studio, where Chinese animators draw child-oriented films Papyrus from the layout phase taking the French storyboards as a guide.

While I couldn’t articulate it myself, this excerpt from a review by The Guardian’s Michael Faber is exactly on point on both Pyongyang and Shenzhen -“Both books are arguably diminished by lack of respect for non-western mindsets and traditional values.