HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide [David Kenzer, Steve Johansson, Jolly Blackburn, Brian Jelke, Henry Argetsinger, Barbara Blackburn, Jerimy Grafenstein. This book gives GameMasters all they need to know to delve into the wonderful, adventurous world of the HackMaster role-playing game. It is all about killing. It’s almost impossible to do justice to the HackMaster GameMaster’s Guide, even to describe it is simply as a 1st Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide on steroids.

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I know space was a premium but just reading snippets made me pull out my 3. The treasure info is likely to be the most useful to any GM, and the treasures are often wonderfully detailed and have rich backstories even when the items themselves hzckmaster be somewhat lackluster. These rules are somehow even more egregious than the fumble because they take something as exciting as a critical hit and manage to make it incredibly painful.

Hackmaster HackMaster GameMaster Guide

You like stopping combat for 3 years whenever criticals or fumbles happen. Treasure Tables Gmemaster Twelve: A quality weapon or armor piece can very well exceed the usefulness of a magical counterpart.

On the other hand that rock might protect you from a fireball sent gamdmaster on but if it is cast at the side of that rock it provides little to no protection. The dice-penetration mechanic is truly a lot of fun, creating those once-in-a-lifetime lucky shots that we read about in our favorite fantasy novels, where the little Halfling deals the death blow to the dark lord of evilness.


Without you the game is incomplete, a narrative without a storyteller to dramatize the tale, a camera without a director behind the lens, a brilliant score without a conductor. Every attention to detail was paid to this book! Appendix 1 adds more layers to the NPC information and potential.

This is the part where Hackmaster and really Kalamar shine for me. While there they will want to seek further training in the skills they have been working on while adventuring. Hackmster felt like I was receiving an advance copy when I got it. Shoot an arrow into the chest of your enemy, pierce a lung, cause them to go into shock! Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Please try again hxckmaster. The author would like to state that he is reviewing his hackmsster personally bought copies of the product.

If only your first girlfriend or boyfriend had been this gentle and sure of your potential!

HACKMASTER Part 2, One Gamemaster’s Guide to rule them all!

The GM is also provided a few tips for handling certain quirks and flaws. Finally the rules for alcohol and stimulants are actually pretty good, especially the various rare types of alcohols with cool effects that heal you or grant strength etc. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Not a deal breaker by any means. They love their chosen system like a mother loves a child, and the forums at Kenzerco are chock full of all sorts of community made aides.

The Journey Chapter Six: That is in there too. The GMG contains a huge collection of charts and tables for almost any situation you might encounter. As a HackMaster GM you bear an enormous weight and responsibility on your shoulders: Reset Fields Log in. The list of time in seconds is an average of what it takes to wield this weapon.


So arrogant grew the humans they actually began to take credit for the very things that were taught to them. It allows a player to still take part and helps to put a band-aid on the loss of a favorite character.

Quality pieces can resist damage better and have a much greater chance of surviving a fumble. Players will learn to fear the crit. Thursday, 14th April, Lycanthropy in specific is an excellently covered topic. Beyond Rexes and Raptors: Non-Monetary Treasure Chapter Thirteen: This tears the kingdom apart fracturing it into three smaller domains.

Yup, I said hand holding.

What did Chris just say? Lots of crunch, I liked some of the terrain rules given of course you have all your terrain modifiers jotted down somewhere and your group is experienced enough that some additional math doesn’t slow you down too much.

It covers several tropes of gamemastering, such as avoiding railroads, winging it, enhancing your table ambiance. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. In addition, you must constantly work at mastering the rules of the game and honing your skills.

I do not say that idly.