Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary. Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary Text Courtesy of Used by. See this online ebook: George Haydock’s Catholic Bible Commentary, edition: A Catholic Bible commentary compiled by the late Rev. The Haydock Bible is a larger-print (12 point) format Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible with a comprehensive Catholic commentary, illustrated Catholic Bible.

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The original memorial tablet erected in his memory has been lost, but was recently replaced with a copy. A Bishop was called a Vicar Apostolic and presided over “missions” in his jurisdiction.

Haydock Catholic Bible Commentary On The Old Testament by Rev. George Leo Haydock

Lexicon Search Greek Hebrew Aramaic. His publications also include an table entitled The Tree of Lifedepicting a summary of Church history from Adam to the current time. We have to preach twice on all the Sabbath Days, which term denotes all I holidays, during which, the service lasts about five hours; we have to baptize, prepare people for their first communion, with great solicitude, as well as for confirmation and the last sacrament; we have to perform what is requisite for the solemnization of marriage, and the burial of the dead, privately; we also have to church women, though we do not go to their houses for that purpose!

The entrance to it is through the [Protestant] churchyard; and the poor Catholics are taunted as they go to mass, with the poverty of their place of worship. Search not only for text, but also for bookmarks, notes, highlights in Bible.


A good Lent to you and yours. The commentary is extensive in its number of annotations and far ranging in scope. George Haydock’s studies were interrupted inwhen the United Kingdom declared war on France.

Regretfully, these were never published, probably due to the erratic fortunes of his brother, Thomas. You are commenting using your WordPress. This site uses cookies. After a stay at St. This wide-ranging work includes, among other things, a detailed list of the duties expected of a contemporary Catholic priest as follows:.

Online ebook: Haydock’s Catholic Bible and Commentary, edition | Catholic eBooks Project

It is not a purely human report or interpretation of divine revelation, and no part of its meaning is due solely to human causes. This page was last edited on bjble Septemberat However, that nature did not extend to patience with those trying to take financial advantage of him. Although George Leo was the youngest son, he and his older sister Elizabeth appear to have been entrusted with handling the family finances.

There was an unsettled period while English Catholic bishops made hasty provision for the continuing education in England of the many refugees from Douai. The name “Tagg House” still appears on a nearby electrical switching station. On the Feast of St. It remains in print and is still regarded for its apologetic value.


However, they also deal haaydock textual and interpretational differences with Protestants and address issues with deists and atheists. With the approbation of the Archbishop of New York, who described it thus: This error also occurs on the later printings of the ca. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here His edition of the Douay Bible with extended commentary, originally published inbecame the most popular English Catholic Bible of the buble century on both sides of the Atlantic.

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George Leo Haydock

And a blessed Lent to you and yours. It remains in print and is still regarded for its apologetic value. I cannot believe it is gone.

He made his objections known without mincing words.

At one point, Haydock is credited with dissuading an Irish gang from a planned attack against these authorities, apparently using influence earned from his pastoral work. If the sources of the Ganges, Nile, Tigris, and Euphrates, be not now changed, and if these be the rivers which sprung from the fountains of Paradise, both of which points are undecidedthe garden must have comprised a great part of the world.