Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. A hilarious overview of the methods people use to get even with big business, government and enemies. These dirty tricks range from the simple to the elaborate. George Hayduke has 23 books on Goodreads with ratings. George Hayduke’s most popular book is Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks.

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These gutless wimps surrendered to our enemy in the battle for freedom. Where is the fighting-back sprit? So-so, a few good laughs. The idea is for people not to remember you. hzyduke

Want to Read saving…. Researching the establishment, its patrons and the play list for maximum effect is vital before you attempt this stunt. This is an unsafe trick without grand planning. They also have rat traps, poison and ill-paid illegals from Mexico to dispose of the rodents. Yeah, I like it, too. You might beat the line next time you’re aloft and put a generous coating of Elmer’s glue on both the top and bottom of the toilet seat while the meal is being served.

If you have revenge on your mind, try this book out, you wont regret it! Black out his ambition by switching his or her home fuse box or circuit breaker box in the the “power off” mode. Newton for this charming use for previously live animals. In addition to searching chapter headings, he suggest you search other specific areas as many of the items lend themselves to more than one treatment.


Send him or her a condom filled with mayonnaise and include this note: In addition to their use as weapons themselves, books contain lots of ammunition to be fired at your marks. The flares are easier to deal with than smoke bombs, now sold openly to aid folks lost in big forests, which cause more hassle. Getting even is such fun,” our contributor writes. Join me as I share some of his professional suggestions.

If you can’t get a glove, a photo will do. I’m not sure how he knows as he was in submarines, except for the time he had a gaggle of Italian whores chase him through town for not paying his tab at the Eat ‘n ‘Hump. Carla says most pounds don’t have the time or inclination to identify individual animals, thus forcing the owner to personally drive in to look over the catch of the day. A grand workbook, and inspiration tome for folks interested in effectively using consumer protection legislation and available myriad legal emedies.

Get Even: The Complete Book of Dirty Tricks by George Hayduke

Navy, but he says some guys with a grudge against someone got high enough to build a strong and very hot heat source under the fire-control sensors on the hangar roof. Burt says not to use liquids, evne, as they leak.


Mark” The Kid will probably tet, because he or she did get that sort of treat there. According to Billy Bea McStates, a true Yuppie master, one of the newer trends is to volunteer food from your plate to the plates of others.

George Hayduke (author)

Personally – well, no, I hayruke I wouldn’t moralize in this volume. Put simply, mail hair to your mark. His sign is a foot square and he slaps them right in the driver’s vision zone of the windshield of the offending parked vehicle.

When the politically controlled Nuclear Regulatory Agency was ordered from the White House to light up Three Mile Island by starting the reactors, some dissident friends of your author scribbled some large painted noticed on bridges and other natural billboards along the Pennsylvania Turnpike: But, you can do it.

A former state legislator offers the idea of a nationally advertised party for bikers to be held at your mark’s home.

For instance, he suggests you put a large, live rat into one of the washers and close the cover. This helpful household hint comes from interior decorating hobbyist Mac Barfo.