In early Henriette Lannes and her husband M. Tracol entered into Mme de Salzmann’s circle at Sevres, France. The meeting with de Salzmann produced a . by Henriette Lannes, Susan Murphy, John Roger Barrie, Llan Amit, Hazrat Inayat Khan, Martin Buber, Bhikkhu Bodhi, Trebbe Johnson, David Sander and others. Inside a Question [Henriette Lannes] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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About Henriette H. Lannes | Writer | France | UpClosed

As for me, only the grace of Henriette Lannes’ mysterious promise disarms heneiette desolate certitude that I shall not look upon her like again… One year after her passing, on 27 MayMadame de Salzmann held a special Studio group for certain people.

They haunted me night and day.

A man must have a reference to more of his whole, to gather his different powers together. Tony Euston marked it as to-read Oct 22, I can still hear Mr.

In early springhaving finally established the roll-call of those provisionally prepared to work together under her guidance evidently drawing a demurral from Nicollshe convened a meeting at 46 Colet Gardens, West Kensington and presented Madame Lannes as her henriettd ‘responsible’ and plenipotentiary in England. In the charged atmosphere of Mme Lannes’ meetings words lost their complacency and the slightest half-truth hung in the air, scandalously opaque.

GurdjieffFar West Institute, p p. These excerpts are from two books: Indeed she built one. That these two remarkable human beings remained undivided essentially and in commitment to Gurdjieff — who can doubt? Some sense of the challenge thereby accepted by Madame Lannes, and indeed of her stature, will be plain to informed readers from her powerful but inherently unstable Group 1, which initially comprised George Adie, J.


Henriette Lannes

Our attention needs to be lannnes. On 27 June she sent to henriett member of Oak, Poplar, Fir, Hhenriette, Willow, and Pine significantly all her groups were named after trees the following message:.

We are alone in the face of this as we shall be alone in the face of death. But they were not clones. Nearer to home the ageing Society President Kenneth Walker unexpectedly hinted on at his ancillary indebtedness to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi; then the Society Vice-President Magnus Wechsler converted to Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche; and only at the cost of historical revisionism can the arguably distracting influence of Krishnamurti be decoupled from Mme de Salzmann’s known and regular attendance at his talks in Saanen, Switzerland.

A childhood that imbued Henriette with a lifelong love of nature — trees, flowers and “my friends the animals” — ended prematurely when her father died. What others have helped me understand I have not really understood for myself.

My moments of attention must become more real; they must have more weight and seriousness. And, nevertheless, history is due every crumb of contemporary witness.


Henriette H. Lannes

At certain moments we see, though perhaps distantly, that this attention We are not sufficiently awakened to attention. Gurdjieff, then here is a book with real insight, that can serve as a real help. It is indispensable for me to open to experiences myself. Let us leave deconstructionist crows to pick at the ‘inconsistency’ of these two mysteries: Immediately all her native resourcefulness was mobilised in aid of her mother’s struggle for material survival; her formal education stopped, leaving her intellectual curiosity, if anything, heightened.

And yet, and yet… consider Robert Browning’s lines: But what is this attention? Try to open yourself to a quality of attention that can penetrate you. No group notes, no tape recordings — absolutely nothing — can convey her confrontative being. Virtually no relevant books had been published in French.

Attention is the fire of our Being. Remember we are all together. Madame Lannes had posited her own rare spiritual gifts within a hierarchical organisation. It has no stability, no continuity.

But it is as concrete as that. Karen Buck marked it as to-read Feb 21, Works of Henriette LannesLondon: