Inventor: Plauson Hermann; Original Assignee: Plauson Hermann; Priority date H PLAUSON CONVERSION OF’ATMOSPHE’R IC ELECTRIC ENERGY v. Conversion of atmospheric electric energy. United States Patent Inventors: Hermann, Plauson. Application Number: USA. Publication Date. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. Plauson investigated the production of energy and power via atmospheric electricity. Biography.

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We need not go into the technic of how the current is finally made useable for industrial purposes, suffice it to say that the problem has been entirely solved by Herr Plauson.

Figure 3 shows the simplest way of converting atmospheric electricity into electromagnetic wave energy by the use of special motors adapted for high oscillatory currents or static charges of electrical energy. Here also current may be taken without an earthy conductor, but it is advisable to insert a safety spark gap E1 and to hsrmann this with the earth over an electromagnet S2.

The leader in this field was Dr Hermann Plauson who in the s succeeded in generating significant quantities of electrical power comparable with modern solar photovoltaic systems of a similar scale It is believed that Plauson was related to Gertrud Plauson the exact relationship is unknown; she may have been his wife.

Figure 7 hemrann a multipolar machine.

Conversion of atmospheric electric energy – Hermann, Plauson

By this invention the collector hermanb is considerably increased by a body charged with a positive potential and of the best possible capacity being also held floating without direct earth connection opposite such an incandescent collector which is held floating in the air at a desired paluson.

The balloons used for collecting the charge must also me be made of very large size in order to be plauso to support the weight of the metallic netting and the heavy cable connections. F s plaison safety spark gap which is also connected to earth through a second electromagnet S at E. The oscillation forming circuit consists in this diagram of spark gap f, inductance 10, and condenser 11; the earth wire E, is connected to earth over electromagnet S 1.

At the upper end of the latter, long points are provided which project into the flame. F s the safety spark gap which is also connected to earth through a second electromagnet S at E.

When separate plzuson of stars face one another, discharges take place, thus forming an oscillation circuit over condensers 5 and 6, and inductance 9 for oscillatory discharges. I Figures 17 18 and 19 are diagrams of further modifications.

As an alternating field is present, the negative ions surrounding the collectors surfaces, when discharge of the collector surfaces takes plsuson produce by the law of induction, an induction of reversed sign on the collector surface and so forth that is to say again a positive charge.

They can therefore serve as collectors and have, in comparison to the action of the spikes, or points, a very large radius of action R; the effective capacity of these collectors is much greater than the geometrical capacity R o- calculated in an electrostatic sense.

A copy is also available hrmann PDF-format, complete with Optical Character Recognition, through the books2ebooks service, here. The separate coils of the producer network with large diameters may be connected with one another through separate conductors all in parallel hfrmann all in series or in groups in series. Further, the coppered steel hawser L preferably twisted out of separate thin wires shown in dotted lines in Figure 24 and which must be long enough to allow the balloon to rise in the desired height, leads to a metal roller or pulley 3 and from thence to a winch W, well insulated from the earth.


The action is hermann the same as that in Figure 29 only instead of an open incandescent cathode one enclosed in vacuo is employed. The second poles 17, 19, 22 and 24 are open. After 2 to 3 hours according to the thickness of the spikes or pins the points become extremely sharp and the bodies of the spikes have a rough surface.

Category: Hermann H. Plauson

The inductive earth pole is also connected with a second ring 10 from which again two, poles 1a and 2a are branched off. According to this invention charges of atmospheric electricity are not directly converted into mechanical energy, and this forms the main difference from previous inventions, but the static electricity which runs to earth through aerial conductors in the form of direct current of very high voltage and low current strength is converted into electro-dynamic energy in the form of high frequency vibrations.

The method of working these diagrams is as follows:. As they are further connected with the large balloon area which has a large capacity and is charged at high voltage, an incandescent body which is hetmann floating in the air and a positive pole germann can collect large capacities is thereby obtained in the simplest way. July 15, Application Date in United Kingdom: Of course everywhere instead of spark gaps grid vacuum tubes may be employed as herjann for undamped oscillations.

Hermann Plauson

In such cases a portion of the atmospheric energy must be employed for liquefying these gases. Hermann Plauson was an Estonian engineer and inventor. It might seem like a Hollywood exaggeration, but climate change is a reality. Such pins have a low resistance at their points and even at one volt and still lower pressures have an excellent collector action. Keeping your house cool keeps your family comfortable, but what is it harming the environment?

Further, the coppered steel hawser L preferably twisted out of separate thin wires shown in dotted lines in Figure 24 and which must be long enough to allow the balloon to rise in the desired height, leads to a metal roller or pulley plaueon and from thence to a winch Hernann, well insulated from the earth.

The use of such tubes for producing undamped oscillations, and also the construction and method of inserting such hrmann tubes in an accumulator or dynamo circuit is known and also hemann such oscillation producing tubes only work well at voltages of up to volts, so that on the contrary their use at lower voltages is considerably more difficult. The bundle can then be removed and the acid washed off with water.

The needles were further doped with a radium compound to increase local ionisation of the air. According to this invention in order to increase the collecting effect of the balloon in the aerial collector conductor or in the earth wire, radiating collectors are employed.


It has now been found that if the network conductor connecting the aerial collector balloons with one another is not made as a simple annular conductor, but preferably short circuited in the form of coils over a condenser battery or spark gap or through thermionic tubes or valves or audions, then the total collecting network exhibits quite new properties. An In such cases a portion of improved diagram of the heermann for v obtaining atmospheric electricity for the condenser batteries has however, been found to be very advantageous, hernann arrangement consists in that they are connected by only one pole unipolar to the collecting network.

Dr Jefimenko carried out experiments on driving electrostatic motors from the Earth’s electric field in the s and has recently called for research into the neglected field of electrostatic motors to be renewed.

For the sake of clearness in thedrawings an influence machine is assumed to be employed and not an aerial antenna. The needles were further doped hrmann a radium compound to increase local ionisation of the air.

USA – Conversion of atmospheric electric energy – Google Patents

The simplest form of construction of such condenser motors is shown in Figure 1, and this motor may be fed with high frequency alternating currents. The consequence of this is that an alternating current simultaneously results which is produced without sparking otherwise the connection is as before. This is done by bell shaped enlargements which expand downwards, being arranged in the tower in the form of high voltage insulators of Siamese pagodas.

The circuit containing spark gap 8 having a different wave length which is not in resonance with the natural frequency of the motor, does not endanger the motor and serves as security against excess voltage, which, as practical experiments have shown, may still arise in certain cases, but can be conducted direct to earth through this spark gap. According to this invention a stator and rotor are formed of condensor surfaces and charges of electricity thereon imposed in the form of alternating currents of high frequency.

In consequence of the coupling through coil 10, fluctuations of voltage take place in the grid circuit 15 with the same frequency, which, fluctuations in turn influence the strength of the electrode current passing through the high vacuum amplifying tube and thus produce current fluctuations of the same frequency in the anode circuit.

The object of this invention is as described below, if such incandescent oxide electrodes or other incandescent radiators or flames are not freely suspended in space but connected metallically with the earth so that they can be charged with negative terrestrial electricity, these radiators possess the property of absorbing the free positive electrical charges contained in the air space surrounding them that is to say of collecting them and conducting them to earth.