The Neanderthal Parallax is a trilogy of novels written by Robert J. Sawyer and published by Tor. It depicts the effects of the opening of a connection between two versions of Earth in different parallel universes: the world familiar to the reader, and another where Neanderthals became the dominant intelligent hominid. “Bring Me the Head of Robert J. Sawyer” seems to be a recurring written leitmotif. Still, he has this knack for managing to get one of his eminently. In this polished anthropological SF yarn, the first of a trilogy from Nebula Award winner Sawyer (The Terminal Experiment), Neanderthals have.

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She’s literally, that genetics woman who got raped.

I also objected to his depiction of a gender-separatist society that apparently has developed because women are so bitchy due to PMS that men have to live separately from them. Our experiment involves a cavern full of water, so when Ponter slides sideways, he emerges in the water and almost drowns. I ask the question seriously because I’ve been told hominds that this series is the dobert Canadian Sci-Fi and that Robert J.

I’ve never read anything by Robert J. A computerized guardian spirit, however, doesn’t eliminate cross-cultural confusion—permanent male-female sexuality, rape and overpopulation are all alien to Ponter—nor can it help his housemate and fellow scientist back in his world, Adikor Huld, when the authorities charge Adikor with his murder.

Oct 29, Greg rated it liked it Shelves: Perhaps more to the point, does anyone think that peace-and-good-government loving Canada is about to spirit Ponter away to a secret prison? But normally we humans can’t smell each other. But there is a warning. The Barasts have no religion and no concept of religion. What did it add to the story?

Science Fiction Writer Robert J. Sawyer: Hominids Jacket Copy

At this point two storylines commence. Now there wouldn’t be anything wrong with this at all if I didn’t keep hearing that Robert J. The book itself was good, but I took one remarkable thing from it, something I consider every time I talk about “work”, more than a decade later.


A Neanderthal physicist, Ponter Boddit, accidentally passes from his universe into a Canadian underground research facility. To ask other readers questions about Hominidsplease sign up. Such incident is admissible in a future legal hearing as evidence of a prior disposition to violence, however.

White Slan by A. At that point I decided to drop the conversation. He is of course quarantined with Mary and two other scientists who assisted in rescuing him. Yet with Hominids, I find myself siding with the detractors, and ironically it’s because this is a novel that does present the reader with serious subtext.

Each person is given what they need when they need it, and in turn is expected to work at providing a meaningful ‘contribution’ to society. In one, Ponter must come to terms with his stranger in a strange land status, as well as the sobering fact he may never go home again.

However, that potentia I read this as part of my “reading all the Hugo winners” goal.


She’s also obviously one who sleeps with lots of geeky guys. There’s always the scientist in his books and he portrays their life simplistically, but fairly accurately. I thought Flashforward was generally good, if a little mediocre in term of prose and a silly ending. It’s just anti-human propaganda grounded in a childish fantasy of how Neanderthals would have evolved without us and I can’t take much more of that sort of thing. It’s just that the themes and messages Sawyer offers here are stale at best and condescending and offensive at hominidw, and some of its most dramatic moments border on unintentional comedy.

The Neanderthal Parallax

But yeah, Sawyer’s depiction of women in general rubbed me the wrong way. Ponter Boddit and Adikor Huld are Neanderthal physicists in an alternate universe in which they, and not Homo sapiensevolved an advanced civilization. No wonder; your brains are tiny and you can’t smell each other’s pheromones properly with those tiny noses!

Besides, they’ve all blended together in my mind at this point, and so this book is doomed to merge with a composite that includes the Dispossessed, the Man who Fell to Earth and Crocodile Dundee. Ultimately, though, I was a little disappointed given the awards and attention this book has received. It was probably the most exciting first chapter I’ve read in a long, long time. In an alternate universe, Neanderthals have become the dominant species, while humans have gone extinct.


Nevertheless, the Barasts do accept religion as a part of who the gliksins are.

Solving the language problem and sawuer else is a mini-computer called a Companion implanted in the brain of every Neanderthal. Take the technology for example. Now don’t ask how they developed anti-gravity. Jul 01, Jonathan rated it it was ok Shelves: That event caused the first divergence of the universe, and since then it’s consciousness specifically, having it that has made all the difference.

An author’s note and appendix are included, adding forty more pages and giving more confused readers that this is heavy reading.

The Barasts never had a religion and are not physically capable of believing in a god or gods or having religious experiences due to the structure of their brains. A prolific writer, Sawyer has published more than 10 novels, plus two trilogies. Most of the ‘romantic’ elements in the book sound like they were written by a horny 13 year old yes, but romantic I do also mean such things as checking out someone’s ‘buns’.

Campbell Memorial Award for Mindscan. Sawyer’s explanation of the Copenhagen interpretation is quite misleading. A gliksin may become fearful upon seeing a barast dog, thinking it sqwyer wild wolf.

It’s nothing even close to great. Unfortunately his disappearance in his own world has led to his partner being charged wit Awesome! As the consequences of Ponter’s transposition unfold in two universes, Sawyer shows us what might have been if evolution had happened differently, and he presents an interesting contrast to contemporary human society.

Aug 18, [Name Redacted] rated it did not like it Shelves: Any serious crime has a single punishment: The larger, intertwined family networks that result robetr cohesion to barast society.