View and Download Honda VFRF owner’s manual online. Honda VFRF Motorcycle Owner’s Manual. VFRF Motorcycle pdf manual. procedures or tools, whether or not recommended by Honda /Tust satisfy himself VFRF. Throughout the manual, the following abbrevia- tions are used to. Save this Book to Read free download service manual honda vfr rc36 PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get free download service manual.

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Engine and lights steering lock cannot be operated. Page 30 Spring preload adjuster: Accessories and Modifications Modifying your motorcycle or using non- Honda accessories can make your motorcycle unsafe.

Page 33 Front Brake Lever: Do not tow the motorcycle or coast for long distances while the engine is off. Charge the battery as required. Page Rear Brake Check the cutout 2 vr each pad. Odometer and tripmeter read in kilometers. The drive chain should be checked, adjusted and lubricated hondz part of the Pre-ride Inspection page Page Remove the battery and charge it fully. H and C marks. Page of Go. To check the oil level: Remove the mounting bolts 3 and cowl plugs 4.

Loosen the bearing holder pinch bolt 1. Avoid idling for prolonged periods. Inspect the electrodes and center porcelain for deposits, corrosion or carbon fouling.


Vgr the ignition switch OFF before checking or replacing a fuse to prevent an accidental short circuit. OFF, turn the handlebar all the way to the left and remove the key. Page 97 Wear inspection Check the chain wear label when adjusting the chain.


The engine number 3 is stamped on top of the crankcase. Remove the mounting bolts 1 and grab rails 2. Above 6, feet 2, mdriveability and performance may be reduced and fuel consumption increased.

Rc36 workshop manual download – VFR Info – VFRDiscussion

Position the wheel between the fork legs and insert the front axle shaft from the left side, through the left fork leg and wheel hub. Detergent residue can corrode alloy parts. Turn the engine off, place the motorcycle on its center stand and shift the transmission into neutral. Gauges Turn the ignition on and check for normal operation of the gauges and indicators. Under severe usage, or when the motorcycle is ridden in unusually dusty or muddy areas, more frequent maintenance will be necessary.

For your safety, it is very important to take a few moments before each ride to walk around your motorcycle and check its condition. Dry the motorcycle and lubricate the drive chain.

Page 61 Gauges Turn the ignition on and check for normal operation of the gauges and indicators. Check for smooth rotation of the throttle grip from the fully open to the fully closed position at both full steering positions.

Honda VFR750F 1995 Owner’s Manual

The distance between the tip of the brake lever 1 and the grip can be adjusted by turning the adjuster 2. When engine rpm begins to pick up, operate the choke lever to keep fast idle at: As discussed below, a tire that is repaired, either temporarily or permanently, will have lower speed and performance limits than a new tire.

Page 65 Flooded Engine If the engine fails to start after repeated attempts, it may be flooded with excess fuel. Page 73 A well-maintained motorcycle is essential for safe, economical and trouble-free riding.


If your problem still has not been resolved to your satisfaction, contact the Motorcycle Customer Service department of American Honda Motor Co. These receipts should be transferred with the motorcycle to the new owner if the motorcycle is sold.

Remove the mounting bolts 3. The transmission will not be properly lubricated Do not open the throttle when starting the engine with the choke ON. Page 96 If the drive chain requires adjustment, the procedure is as follows: Align the arrow 3 on the brake lever with the index mark 4 on the adjuster. Loading How much weight you put on your motorcycle, and how you load it, are important to your safety.

Manual Haynes for 1990 Honda VFR 750 FL (rc36)

Page 35 Clutch lever: With the plug washer attached, thread the spark plug in by hand to prevent cross threading. When possible, reduce speed or brake before entering a turn; closing the throttle or braking in mid-turn may cause wheel slip. Page Remove the rear wheel 4 slowly.

This switch is intended primarily as a safety or emergency switch and cr36 normally remain in the RUN position. From 1st to 2nd: Store it in an area protected from freezing temperatures and direct sunlight.

Turn the damping adjuster 1 clockwise until it will no longer turn. Do not depress the brake lever when the wheel is off the motorcycle.

Page 4 months have passed since the start of storage.