Note: You cannot delete an entity if the selected object is part of a construction history. If you press Delete, the entire object is canceled. If the object is not a part . Navigation: HyperWorks Release Notes > Finite Element Meshing and Modeling >. HyperMesh Release Notes. Previous page Next page Print this . HyperWorks includes a new tool, ANSYS Contact Manager, which provides an option to automatically create surface-to-surface contacts. Several changes.

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Major benefits of the block format are: Bolt connectors can now realize to solid elements and will attach every node within the solid hole. Interactive solid map meshing. Support for UG NX6.

Individual entities are organized into the relevant components, with the components being organized into relevant assemblies. Easy to use drag-and-drop functionality allows for very quick hypermesy problem setup by moving the optimization definitions from the optimization repository to the optimization problem definition.

Picking of morphing entities in hidden line graphics has been greatly improved.

Multithreading for penetration and intersection check has been added. The performance for ShrinkWrap has also improved.

New option to read tags as metadata. This format has been implemented for elements, sets, and properties.

HyperWorks Product Updates

Element types, components, materials, property used, and pilot node name [if used] are listed for each pair. You can update contact definitions, properties, and materials of contacts at any time. New API commands have been added to calculate the physical properties of solid geometry volume, center of gravity, moments of inertia, mass. The Auto Contact browser appears in the Utility menu. Controls allow the original geometry to be trimmed, deleted and stitched, or simply for the new fillet surfaces to be created without modifying the original input surfaces.

  ASTM D1509 PDF

Significant time reductions can be achieved when using the tool to tetmesh CAD data. New API commands to calculate the physical properties of solid geometry. Issues related to the Convert panel on the Tool page have been fixed. This tool lists all types of contact definitions present in the model.

New mesh flow functionality has been introduced in the automesh panel. Fix Sliver Tetra Elements is a new tool that fixes all sliver and wedge elements based on a pre-defined 3D mesh criteria. Updates to Fix 2nd Order MidNodes utility.

New panels and functionality. Both options improve the flow of the mesh and also improve QI element quality. Fix 2nd Noted Midnodes utility has been updated with options to allow movement of the internal middle nodes and an option to move boundary nodes along geometry first or move off geometry, if required. This is the default hyperjesh. The new generate solid mesh option is available for both the Loose and Tight shrink wrap algorithms — the output is an all hexa mesh model.


In the Model Browserthe interactive entity control capability between the browser list and the graphics area now supports all HyperMesh entities. The old style visualization pop-up has been replaced with a new visualization GUI for controlling visualization options for connectors, constraints, loads, morphing, topology, systems, and vectors. For multi-core machines, the performance gains are considerable now that the penetration check utilizes all available CPUs.

A new 3D graphical representation has been introduced for all displayed 1D elements. OSSmooth multi-layer hypernesh generation. Post-processing of electromagnetic hypsrmesh in HyperView has been introduced.

A typical example is a powertrain application, however the tool is designed to be a generic aid for tetmeshing.

Available Product Updates

New mesh flow functionality has been added to the batchmesher, the flow: The main bulk of tetmesh model build time is usually spent in cleaning and organizing geometry. Graphics selection, pre-highlighting, and highlighting for the 3D graphical representations behave as their 1D counterpart representations.

A mid-side handle can be added to an edge by clicking on a particular position on the edge as well as deletion of mid-side handles.