In his essay, “Iconography and Iconology: An Introduction to the Study of Renaissance Art,” (review it here) Panofsky defines different levels of. Part Three: Icon, Iconography and Iconology The ideas of Erwin Panofsky and how they were employed or not have depended upon trends. most of the inquiry into Panofsky’s work as an incipient “semiotic”: Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism and “Iconography and. Iconology: An Introduction to the.

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While iconology corresponds to the historical criticism of texts in literary studies, iconography has no obvious counterpart outside histories of the visual. An Introduction to Iconography. Princeton University Press, Abingdon and New Yorkp.

Whilst based on the fundamental cells of meaning the objects and events which constitute artistic motifsthis icinology is also concerned with how their rearrangements in order to construct themes depend on the correspondent historical conditions.

Erwin Panofsky and Iconography, Part Three

It is derived from synthesis rather than scattered analysis and examines symbolic meaning on more than its face value by reconciling it with its historical context and with the artist’s body of work [2] — in contrast to the widely descriptive iconographywhich, as described by Panofsky, is an approach to studying the content and meaning of works of art that is primarily focused on classifying, establishing dates, provenance and other necessary fundamental knowledge concerning the subject matter of an artwork that is needed for further interpretation.

What Panosksy wanted to do was to provide art history with a Kantian a priorito fix art historical methods in the realms of a universal or necessary judgment.

Or, more precisely, the environment and the living being are juste one. Argues, against a prevalent trend, that the subject matter of Renaissance art tends to be traditional in nature and unlikely to contain references to contemporary political events. Traditionally, the American version of his signature idea: The first general introduction to the subject. Develops the argument that Renaissance iconographic programs were intentionally incoherent and inconsistent.


Sign in via your Institution. Manchester University Press,p. As Michael Podro pointed out.

The central problem that faces any historian is that of anachronism—-of looking at history from the standpoint of the present and for Panofsky the way to solve this inherent difficulty was to remain firmly fixed in the culture of the work of art itself, not the culture of the present time.

They self-iconicize in an iconic environment which they interact with, and which in particular makes them the images they are. They live in the midst of other images, past or present, but also future those are only human classificationswhich panofeky have relations with.

Sign in with your library card. The problem of anachronism was also the problem of Formalism, i. Edited by Paul Taylor, 1— It merely consists in reviving the Hegelian project of an absolute point of view an a priori system from which to consider the past, whilst demonstrating that historians do more pabofsky just projecting or being a product of their own age.

Formalist art historians, however, preferred to look directly iconolpgy the work itself and not at the society that produced it.

The Austrian art historian Hans Sedlmayr differentiated between “sachliche” and “methodische” iconology. Jump to Other Articles: Society for Renaissance Studies, Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In this sense, the intrinsic meaning is situated on a higher level than the conscious refining of data and subconscious emotional response — functioning in a similar way to the super-ego, in Freudian terms.

Downing and Susan Bazargan, eds.

Click here to sign up. Any form of attaching labels to these changes involves a previous familiarity with the subject and is therefore transferred into the universe of subject matter, whether it implies either identifying objects and events the factual meaning or acknowledging the correspondent emotional responses the iconographj meaning.


One of the main consequences is that the “specity”, the living individual, “self-eco-speciates its place of life” Freedom in Evolution.

New Yorkpp. General Overviews Panofsky is often criticized, but as a pioneering attempt to provide a philosophy of iconology it forms the starting point for later writers who differ from it GombrichTaylor A Critical Introduction to Aand Methods. Symbols, Allusions and Meaning in the Visual Arts. MA thesis, University of Oslopp. It is this sweep of Western civilization, told as a series of recurrences of the classical culture and as iconogrphy struggle to find and retain the powers of reason.

How to Subscribe Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. The tripartite iconographical method of layered meanings or strata, has its basis not just in the Warburgian notion of motif but also in the ideas of Saussure. Despite the fact that natural meaning provides the data for a further analytical process, the first substantial and semi-conscious stage is the iconographical one, which comprises of secondary subject matters — cultural conventions attached to the perceived material.

Iconology and Iconography – Renaissance and Reformation – Oxford Bibliographies

Mitchell iconologu that iconology is a study of “what to say about images”, concerned with the description and interpretation of visual art, and also a study of “what images say” — the ways in which they seem to speak for themselves by persuading, telling stories, or describing. The discipline of art history in America was greatly enriched by his intellectual and philosophical approach and put what was still a relatively new field of study in his new country on a sounder footing.

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