PwC guidance on IFRS conceptual framework. Key accounting requirements, business implications, updates for preparers and users of. IFRS – Conceptual framework. 1. International Financial Reporting Standards The views expressed in this presentation are those of the. Applying IFRS – IASB issues revised Conceptual Framework for IFRS in situations where no standard applies to a particular transaction or.

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One example is biological assets with shorter life cycle such as living cattle. Sandra Kopietz Cards —. The same applies to the gains and losses from financial assets that are not measured at fair value through profit or loss which are attributable not only to the current raumenkonzept also to previous reporting periods. This is quite a strong argument in favour of choosing a current value measurement basis as the relevance of financial information is ifes.

Recovery,Nav Review. To find out more, please see our Privacy Policy. IFR renewal Flashcard Maker: This article rahmenkonzeot the potential impacts of these proposals on the measurement of some asset items and the recognition of the therewith linked income and expenses. If for example the idea is to refine the standing timber to other products, there is no intention selling the timber in rahmenkonezpt market.

Due to the analysis presented in this article it could be expected that the trend of the last two decades in IFRS accounting towards an increasing importance of fair value accounting will be stopped and maybe partly reversed. C H 71 Cards —. In addition, information must be both relevant and faithfully represented if it is to be useful.


Investment properties are examples of non-financial assets. Your cart is empty. This will make the information less transparent and more difficult to compare for investors. Offenlegung von Angaben nach Art.

Rahmenkonzept Der IFRS Ger by Annett Kaindl

The factors that have to be considered when selecting an appropriate measurement basis show in the case of the equity instruments not held for trading the following picture: Furthermore, the IASB discusses the factors to consider when selecting a measurement basis for ragmenkonzept and liabilities. Prior research indicates that the relevance of fair values is less for this category of assets, due to difficulties collecting information from active markets.

Financial Statement Disclosures Manual. Keine Verletzung von Art. Gabriel M Cards —. Regelkonformes Verhalten betreffend die Einhaltung von Kreditauflagen sowie die Bekanntgabe eines Stellenabbaus. If these long-lived assets are leased, rented or subject of franchising on a long-time basis the level of measurement uncertainty is quite low as the conditions of leasing, renting or franchising are regulated in the respective contracts; under these circumstances there are strong arguments in favour of the use of ifgs current value measurement basis.

Vincent Gibara Cards —.

Nevertheless, also an important aspect of the relevance is the measurement uncertainty; with high measurement uncertainty, an estimate is less relevant. Ian Johnson Cards —.

Assets that generate cash flows by leasing, renting, franchising, generating entry fees or similar have an ambivalent character in regard to the selection of an appropriate measurement basis. Marcus Sanfelix Hancock 62 Cards —.


Alexandria Gabelman 44 Cards —. If a non-depreciable asset e. One important aspect is if and how the asset contributes to future cash flows e. Breaching the provisions of lAS 8p42 on the correction of errors and the disclosure thereof as set out in lAS 8p James Locking 66 Cards —. Mark Velasco Cards —. In general, due to these enhancing qualitative characteristics the number of different measurement bases used in the financial statements should be reduced as far as possible.


According to IFRS 9 the equity instruments have to be measured at fair value.

The level of measurement uncertainty of the equity instruments that are traded on public markets, especially active markets, is regularly quite very low.

Therefore the first condition for inclusion of rahmenkonzwpt fair value changes in the other comprehensive income is fulfilled. Faithful representation does not mean accuracy in all respects but the character of estimations and their limitations have to be described properly.


Measurement uncertainty is also an important factor to consider when selecting the appropriate measurement base. This enables us to optimize your user experience. The only exception applies if the dividend clearly represents a recovery of part of the cost of the investment IFRS 9.

Conduct of participant audit by the internal audit department without a request or obtaining authorization. Heecha Singh 45 Cards —. Laura Watson 88 Cards —. Chris Gar 44 Cards —. Investment properties are properties land or buildings held to earn rentals or capital appreciation or both.