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Always use Double Opt-in. When sending your email campaigns or autoresponders, you have the option of entering in a bounce email address. Always include a signature at the bottom of your emails, as it’s one of the easiest ways to attract more traffic to your website. If it’s a soft bounce, the application will record the intwrspire but will take no action on the email address until it soft bounces 5 times.

Interspire Tutorials Archives – Affex Pro

Make the offer clear — If you’re making a special offer to your contact then be upfront and include it as part of your subject line. A compelling headline that entices them to open and read the contents of your email can do wonders for your conversion rate. Avoiding spam filters when sending out legitimate newsletters can be a time consuming effort.

This email should contain a special link back to your email marketing program, which will then verify that this visitor did indeed sign up to your mailing list. Later in this article I will show you a technique that I use to help me detect words that could trigger spam filters that I may have missed. It will also add a touch of professionalism and branding to your newsletters. To do this you can make use of the filtering options that you are presented with when viewing contacts, sending email campaigns and setting up your autoresponders.

To do this, simply create a series of autoresponders for example, 5 containing unique content. When formatting your email, keep it simple and professional.

Excessive use of different colors, fonts, sizes, images and so forth will result in a higher spam filtering rate. Many words — such as free, sex and so forth — are very heavy spam trigger keywords. You might find that for a particular topic there’s a general trend or subject style that resulted in higher open rates. Here you can decide to limit your tutorkal by contacts that have subscribed before or after a date, even those that subscribed in between particular dates.


What is Bounce Processing and why should I do it? This means that they are more likely to read your content and click on links, meaning more sales. Google bans punctuation from AdWords ad’s for a reason — too much hype can annoy and confuse people.

Intdrspire, if you’re looking to grow your subscriber list, then create or source a product of value to your visitors such as thtorial eBook or discount coupon and offer it to them for free when they signup for to receive your newsletter.

Headlines that trigger curiosity can sometimes work well for example: I also have a couple of email accounts with different web hosts that have spam filters in place.

Use a template if you plan on sending newsletters consistently. A soft bounce is a temporary bounce such as “This user’s mailbox is full. If you’re running a newsletter or frequent email publication, make sure you keep the look and feel consistent from issue to issue.

On Thursday and Friday, people are already too busy looking forward to the weekend. Below are some tips to help improve your subject lines:. Double opt-in means that after your visitor initially enters their email address to subscribe to your list, you should then send them a “confirmation” email. Contact information also allows a potential customer to contact you if need be. Also, make sure you set the “From” attribute of your email interslire include your name and your companies name, such as “From: Consistency is the Key.


Free is overused these days, especially on the Internet. Signup Confirmation – Double Opt In. If it’s interesting enough, then your subscriber will open your email and continue on reading.

According to a recent MarketingSherpa. Keep your email as clean as possible, and try to stick to a maximum of 2 or 3 different font types and sizes. Just like a direct sales letter, the subject line of your email is usually the most important part of getting your readers to actually read your email.

General Tutorials

Your subscribers will come to “expect” your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day at the same time every week, meaning that they want interspre read your content and are generally inherspire receptive to any special offers or promotions you may include. Which subject lines worked the best and gave you the highest open and conversion rates? In particular, they mostly use spam assassin — a popular piece of spam filtering software.

Always Sign on the Dotted Line. This signature should include your personal details, your company details, and an unsubscribe link. On Time, Every Time. Popular email clients such as MS Outlook show a preview of an email when it’s selected in your inbox. It can boost not only our direct sales, but also our credibility and referrals.