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You could also have a clogged injector nozzle, or a very dirty air filter. I tried this, even bleeding about a cup of fuel.

He will be open tomorrow from 9ampm. Re-verify the system is bled. Other trademarks on this page are the property of their isrki owners.

I didn’t crank the engine prior to locating the problem. There should be clear pulses of fuel, but you aren’t going to get much out each time it cycles. Turn the charger onto “boost” if available, preheat for another 10 or 15 seconds, then crank the engine.

I thought about your tractor situation when I started mine today, and I checked my fuel that was low after running out last week, and having to bleed mine.

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FLK4501 Oil Fuel Filter Kit ISEKI Tx2140 Tx2160 Tractor

Example Searches By Part No: It may be a couple cycles: I wonder if it is possible that my injector pump is not putting out enough pressure or that I still have a pocket of air in one or two injectors and it is providing enough “cushion” that those injectors are not opening. View Order Form Close. Does it crank slowly? I repaired the line, filled the tank, opened the bowl to remove any air, bled the low pressure line to the injector pump and cracked each high pressure line at the injectors until I saw diesel ooze out while I cranked it over.

Then, use a jumper wire or some other method to test each glow plug and make iskei each is pulling current.

Bolens G ( Iseki TX ) fuel line broken now won’t start after repair

Originally Posted by JoeBuyer. Bolens G Iseki TX fuel line broken now won’t start after repair In my experience, and according to things I have read, grey smoke means little combustion is occurring, as when the chamber is cold and no preheating device is used. More Stock Expected Soon. The voltage drops on my battery from Showing 1 – 2 of 2 items found, sorted by: I hope this helps a bit, sorry the bleeding procedure didn’t work.

Nick, North West Farmer.

I have that Manual in printed form but it is at home and my tractor is at my remote farm. Showing 1 – 1 of 1 items found, iseik by: We will not share your e-mail address with any other party for any reason.


Bolens G Iseki TX fuel line broken now won’t start after repair JoeBuyer, I have an International with glow plug assist start and on a couple of occasions it has had glow plug issues. I looked at the smoke again today and it is grayish black, for some reason I thought it was black yesterday. Both would cause these issues. Its iseko a shot if you can’t get it running. I noticed that I can keep my fingers on the tops of the glow plugs which doesn’t seem right lseki I didn’t have any meters to check current draw with me.

The hot air is somewhere above degrees Fahrenheit, so even on a 90 degree day is as much different as the atmospheric air temperature is from 40 degrees. But Isski am now thinking I didn’t pay enough attention yesterday.

Water pump, oil sump, steering arm By Product Name: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Activate the glow plugs, and let them warm for 20 seconds or so. I have the same problem as before, a lot of black smoke and it “almost starts” until I stop cranking so I don’t over heat the starter motor.