Itinerarium Antonini Avgvsti et Hierosolymitanvm: ex libris manvscriptis. edited by Gustav Parthey, Moritz Pinder. About this book. Terms of Service · Plain text. Item a vallo ad portum Ritupis, mpm. cccclxxxi sic. A Blato Bulgio Castra exploratorum, xii. Luguvallo, xii. Voreda, xiiii. Brovonacis, xiii. Verteris, xiii. Lavatris, xiiii. Itinerarium Antonini Placentini 35 (CCL ). Itinerarium Antonini Placentini 38 (CCL ). ” Itinerarium Antonini Placentini 39 (CCL ).

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Seemingly based on official documents, possibly from a survey carried out under Augustusit describes the roads of the Roman Empire. Skip to main content. Denne siden ble sist redigert 8.

Itinerarium Antonini Augusti – Wikisource

Information based predominantly on the inscriptions allow us to outline the chronology of the construction and wntonini of the road network in Lower Moesia. Den britiske seksjonen er senere blitt kjent som Antnini Britanniarumog kan bli beskrevet som itineratium over romerske Britannia.

Log In Sign Up. It was clearly used intensively, and in the late period stations along this road served to supply the infrastructure necessary for the official transportation system. To obtain new results regarding the dating of these two important ancient cartographic sources, I have compared the values of the distances between the settlements recorded in both these itineraries. Bryn Mawr Classical Review Colloquio internazionale Roma – Civitavecchia, 3 – 4 novembre This article presents the main archaeological and epigraphical data for reconstructing the roman roads network in Moesia Inferior.


Almost nothing is known of its date or author.

Tittelen viser til keiser Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, men som var mer kjent under navnet Caracalla. Cuntz, Itineraria Romanavol. The itinerary utinerarium distances in Roman mileswhere 1, Roman paces equals one Roman mile.

En engelsk forfalskning kalt De Situ Britanniae gjort tilgjengelig ca. Mildenhall, Wiltshire 20, paces.


This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Help Center Find new research papers in: Views Read Edit View history. Ads help cover our server costs. Information based predominantly on the inscriptions allow us to outline the chronology of the construction From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Viaggiatori dalla Germania in Italia.

Antoninske itinerariet inneholder kun de veier som finnes i pretorenes register, eller som man vil si i dag, det statlige veinettet.


Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference Articles containing Latin-language text. Itinerarium Antonini Augustilit. Remember me on this computer. Our contribution considers some data from the Itinerariuum map and the Antonine itinerary, regarding the mentioning of the Roman road and the stations along this road between the settlements Siscia and Sirmium, along the River Sava.


Derfor er veibeskrivningen ikke en fullstendig fortegnelse over Romerrikets steinlagte veier, selv om de viktigste finnes. Dens grunnleggende utgave er antagelig fra begynnelsen tallet. A Roman pace was two steps, left plus right. Short presentation of the fieldwork at the Roman settlement and sanctuary at Isriye-Seriana.

Lucarini, Note a O. In conclusion, I suggested that there are solid arguments in favour of rating the road along the River Sava as one of the earliest routes in Pannonia.

Antonine Itinerary – Wikipedia

From Egypt to Constantinople: Luke’s ignorance itinerarimu the interior of Palestine is nearly complete, but he displays not only knowledge of the cities on the Levantine coast but the spatial relationships among them.

According to the approach assumed here, they are indeed Sardinian toponyms misplaced from this island, a mistake due to the kind of sources used by this Itinerarium.

The first edition was by Geoffroy Troy: De lokalveier som savnes kan til dels finnes omtalt i verk av Plinius den eldreStrabon og andre antikke forfattere. The Art of DeceptionBerkeley: