The Jamorama Piano series was created on behalf of Rock Star Recipes LTD. I ‘ve also included the New Jamorama Piano Progress Tracker so that you can. Jamorama is the most popular acoustic guitar learning course online! because Jamorama have been teaching guitar online for over 6 years and they teacher. Title: Rocket Piano – Ultimate Guide to Reading Music, Author: Jamorama, Name: Rocket Piano – Ultimate Guide to Reading Music, Length: 32 pages, Page: 1.

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The membership prices are cheaper at Jamorama, when compared to the other guitar lesson membership sites. This site uses cookies.

Notify me of new comments via email. Please read and watch my full review here. You are commenting using your WordPress. Here’s what the Jamorama exclusive members area looks like: The first thing that such a big course will probably do is scare you a little bit to have so many filesbut once you understand how the folders are organized, it becomes very simple; the very first beginners e-book tells you how to navigate their folders.

I’ve paid for one-on-one guitar training with a personal guitar teacher before. Take Advantage of Free Trials! It explains everything in a simple, clear, and detailed fashion. Sell thousands of albums with no record label, radio airplay, touring, or press.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I get to be personally catered to, and he can correct the mistakes that I’m making in real time so that I stop building bad habits. Subscribe To This Site. So if you have even the slightest piiano to “self-learn”, then it’s going to be the perfect program for your first year or so. The best part is, you can do this for free.

I’ve struggled a lot with trying to understand different lessons online, because when you make a mistake and aren’t sure how to fix it you can have a lot of frustration build up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Once you realize that, the folders stop being overwhelming, and they start becoming really useful.


It contains all of the previous information that I went over in this review, plus a huge amount more. Compare The Top 2 Guitar Courses. I hate to do a review, and constantly feel I need to compare a jzmorama or course to something else, instead of just reviewing it alone. They give you Jam tracks to simulate the bandpointers and common mistakes that your guitar teacher would have pointed out while teaching you. I mean, what’s not to love?

Jamorama Review

Learn To Build Your Band’s Website My free page guide to building your band’s website will take you from start-to-finish in setting up a professional website for your band. You can download and learn materials. E-mail First Name Then Don’t worry — your e-mail address is totally secure. If you already have a year or 2 of guitar under your jamormaathen I would say that Jamorama isn’t for you.

They have 6 icons in total like this, 1 for each category to bring attention to. When you get started with the free trials, you will notice that the other courses are outlined a bit piqno. All you do is read the lesson, play along with the audio, and watch the video. The software work in PC and Mac. I hope you find this jamprama helpful. For example, if you see a symbol like this, then you know that it’s a special tip that you should pay attention to, because it will save you a bunch liano time.

These are reviews that just try and promote other products. A few things in this review will be a bit outdated especially the way it’s delivered to you in folders.

I just wanted to be upfront about that so I can be as genuine as possible. They organize the Jam Tracks in a very easy to understand manner; I see this as a massive advantage for the beginner especially if you don’t have a guitar jamoarma there oiano help you when you make mistakes.


I know when I first started playing guitar And even now still I built some really bad habits for myself. They simply try to re-create a scenario in which you would have a teacher, or are playing in a band.

By no means are you stuck in their User Interface though. The 1st audio track will have the guitar part in it so you can hear how it’s supposed to soundand the other audio track has the song with the guitar removed so you can play with yourself! It’s a beginner’s course, and it jamoramw beginners how to play the guitar very well.

Learn Over Guitar Songs Online. His website is a bit hokey Flaming guitars?

I love creative art, music, television shows, movies, video games, and a good story. I oiano honestly say that for the beginner guitar playernothing beats Guitar Tricks.

I personally test these products, and check all reliable external sources such as Trustpilot Reviews and so on. Download Jamorama Chord Book Here. But again what’s great, is that you don’t need to let outside reviews influence you at all, if you don’t want to. Mind you, if you didn’t really build a strong foundation in your guitar skills from the beginning, then it might be an ideal way for you to build a musical foundation for yourself.

When I finally got a teacher, he sat me down and told me: You can literally use these online lessons and test them out before officially joining. jamirama

1. Jamorama

As I mentioned above, Jamorama is really simple to use. My name is Andrew Jamprama. So you can see how important that it is that Jamorama lays everything out in such an “easy-to-understand” manner, don’t you?