जनहित याचिका (Janhit Yachika). by अँड. वि. पु. शिंत्रे (Adv. V. P. Shintre). ISBN: Tags from this library: No tags from this library for this. Title, Meri Janhit Yachika Evam Anya Kahaniyan. Author, Pradeep Shrivastav. Language, Hindi. Year, Binding, PB. Pages, p. ISBN, , Bharat Main Janhit Yachika Aur Manav Adhikar by Aruna Rai, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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In this case, the Supreme Court upheld that the prisoners should get benefit of free legal aid and fast hearing. Public Interest Litigation Cases.

A definite attempt was made by it to secure a ban on these activities with the ultimate intention of increasing the demand of cast and ductile iron products as they are some of the suitable substitute for asbestos. However, the person filing the petition must prove to the satisfaction of the court that the petition is jznhit filed for a public interest and not just as a frivolous litigation by a busy body “. Understanding the Right to Constitutional Remedies: A bench consisting of Justices G.

Nijjar observed in their judgment. Yacuika Forget to Activate the Subscription. Join Us on Facebook Powered By gktimes. The high court dismissed the petition, stating that it was filed at the behest of rival industrial groups who wanted to promote their products as asbestos substitutes. After the emergency era the high court reached out to the people, devising a means for any person of the public or an NGO to approach the court seeking legal remedy in cases where the public interest is at stake.

In Public Interest Litigation PIL vigilant citizens of the country can yachiika an inexpensive legal remedy because there is only a nominal fixed court fee involved in this. Krishna Iyer were among the first judges to admit PILs in court. Such cases may be filed in the public interest when victims lack the capability to commence litigation, or their freedom to petition the court has been encroached.

Since the Amar Singh petition was vague, not in conformance with the rules of procedure and contained inconsistencies, the court did not explore his primary grievance infringement of privacy. A PIL may be filed against state government, central government, municipal authority not any private party.


Policy making and implementation of policy are conventionally regarding as the exclusive domain of the executive and the legislature. Further, through the so-called PIL, the litigants can focus attention on and achieve results pertaining to larger public issues, especially in the fields of human rights, consumer welfare and environment. Whose rights are effected. This case was against sexual harassment at work place, brought by Bhanwari Devi to stop the marriage of a one year old girl in rural Rajasthan.

PIL is janhiit rule of law declared by the courts of record.

Bharat Main Janhit Yachika Aur Manav Adhikar

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. While Dembowski also found some effect at the grassroots level, PIL cases dealing with major environmental grievances in the Kolkata urban agglomeration did not tackle underlying problems such as inadequate town uanhit.

The court shut down numerous industries and allowing them to reopen only after controlled pollution. The judgement of the case recognized sexual harassment as a violation of the fundamental constitutional rights of Article 14Article 15 and Article A Public Interest Litigation Janhit Yachika means litigation for the protection of the public interest matters.

Public interest litigation in India – Wikipedia

Courts may also proceed on the basis of letters written to them, or newspaper reports. Retrieved from ” https: In this case, the court passed three landmark judgements and yachkka orders against polluting industries which were more than 50, in the Ganga basin.

The genuine causes and cases of public interest have in fact receded to the background and irresponsible PIL activists all over the country have started to play janhkt major but not a constructive role in the arena of litigation. At the end, millions of people escaped air and water pollution in the Ganga basin, including eight states in India.

In this case, Reliance Communications acted upon a forged request from police. Bhagwati who pioneered PIL. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from June It gives an opportunity to opposite parties to ascertain the precise allegation and respond specific issues. Januit concept of Public Interest Litigation PIL is in consonance with the principles enshrined in Article 39A of the Constitution of India to protect and deliver prompt social justice with the help of law.



Public Interest Litigation (PIL) – “Janhit Yachika”

There after many cases like this have registered in the supreme court. Five men raped her. In Kalyaneshwari vs Union of Indiathe court cited the misuse of public-interest litigation in business conflicts. Naina Kapoor decided to initiate a PIL to challenge sexual harassment at work place, in this supreme court. However, the person filing the petition must prove to the satisfaction of the court that the petition is being filed for a public interest and not just as a frivolous litigation by a busy body ” Who Can File Public Interest Litigation?

Case That Saved Indian Democracy. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Any public-spirited person can file a PIL case. The framers of Indian constitution did not incorporate a strict doctrine of separation of powers but envisaged a system of checks and balances.

The 38th Chief Justice of India, S. The court must be satisfied that the Writ petition fulfils some basic needs for PIL as the letter is addressed by the aggrieved person, public spirited individual and a social action group for the enforcement of legal or Constitutional rights to any person who are not able to approach the court for redress.

The Court yacuika a letter from two professors at the University of Delhi seeking enforcement of the constitutional right of inmates at a protective home in Agra who were living in inhuman and degrading conditions. Labels Acts Anti Corruption B.