The eGate Integrator serves as the foundation of the java composite Application which is a web browser-based interface used by system administrators to. Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS) is a standards-based enterprise Other products in the suite include eInsight Business Process Manager, eVision Until Java CAPS 5, Sun Java System Application Server 9 was used. JCAPS, warfighters can plan, execute and manage C4ISR assets in support of .. The system administrator defines users and user groups consisting of one or.

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Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player. Home Resources Sitemap Support. The eGate Integrator serves as the foundation of the java composite Application Platform suite amdinistrator employs a versatile architecture that is ideally suited for distributed Computing environments.

It also provides a unified single sign on environment for integration development, deployment, monitoring and management. The Integration project contains the business logic required to solve a specific problem. The Project also contains the various logical components and supporting information required to perform the routing, processing, and caching of messages containing the relevant data from adninistrator application to another.

All Project information is stored in the Repository which is the heart of the eGate Integrator.

The Enterprise Dystem and Enterprise Manager clients can communicate with the Repository through a firewall. Projects are created using tools contained within Enterprise Designer such as the Connectivity Map Editor and once deployed, can be run and monitored using Enterprise Manager. An Environment represents the total system required to implement a Project.

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It consists of a collection of Logical Hosts, capable of hosting components of Java CAPS, along with information about external systems involved in the implementation. In the run-time environment, J2EE compatible integration servers are used as operational engines while the propagation of messages are carried out by JMS-compatible message servers.

Each Environment contains one or more administratod definitions.

Each definition must include one or more integration or application servers such as the Sun SeeBeyond Integration Server, which are the engines that run Collaborations and eWays An eWay is a component that connects eGate Integrator to an external business application. Each set of integration servers and message servers, plus additional software modules, comprise of what is known as a Logical Host.

A Collaboration is a logical operation taking place between. Collaboration Definitions define the logical operation taking place in the related Collaboration.

qdministrator Object Type Definitions are a set of rules that describe the. Messages propagated through eGate Integrator, and the methods available for operating on them.

A Message Destination is a container for stored data, and can follow either the topic or queue JMS model.

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Logical connection between external systems applications or protocols and a service are provided an eWay Intelligent Adapter. By using the Enterprise Designer GUI, you can develop Projects to process and route data between systrm applications or systems. The GUI consists of two panels. Enterprise Explorer on the left, and an. When a component is selected in the enterprise explorer, the editor panel on the left displays the editors related to the selected component.


The figure shows the connectivity Map editor where the logical components of a project can be created and connected. You can drag and drop the various collaborations, intelligent Queues and eWay adapters on to a connectivity Map and the eGate Integrator will use this map to intuitively configure the end to end flow of messages xdministrator an integration scenario. An Explorer panel on the left and. The flexibility of the eGate Integrator system allows it to communicate with and link multiple applications and sywtem across a variety of operating systems.

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