Skip to main content. The Fourth Political Theory. beyond left and right but against the center. English · Русский · Deutsch · Français · Español · Italiano. Jean Parvulesco was born in in Romania. He was an actor, known for L’ arbre, le maire et la médiathèque () and Rosette vole les voleurs (). Marching with the Dead: the case of Jean Parvulesco For a last and most ambiguous word on the Black Order, I turn to La Spirale Prophetique (The prophetic.

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And those that have looked at Abellio, have largely concluded that he was a fascist politician, who was also interested in esoteric beliefs.

Jean Parvulesco

Zanne pseudonym of Auguste Van de Kerckhove was amongst the greatest initiates of our time. Parvulesco opens an entire parallel world, not just stage decoration of individual fantasies or reminiscences. On the political level of the conspiracy, the heros of the novel parvuulesco act aggressively and decisively. Books and texts quoted in the tale do really exist. So, Atlantis Magna weaves its continental web to struggle with the Aquarius conspiracy.

But the true persona of this woman principally goes beyond the bounds of individuality. Nicholl Andy Nowicki James J. Agents of the inner Continent are awake. This appears to be quite a fantastic tome…definitely something I will try to find.


Jean Parvulesco – Biography – IMDb

Jack Donovan Anthony M. All this suggests uneasy thoughts concerning the true nature of this literary genius.

The parvvulesco interview with one of the greatest of the 20th century. Can someone give me details about this mysterious man beyond his wikipedia page?

Books and texts quoted in the tale do really exist. Main feed Comments feed Podcast feed.

Print this post The Empire of the End: Main feed Comments feed Podcast feed. Still, I am totally cautious regarding what FSB laboratories and think tanks are able to do with a generous vision. Romania certainly has a fascinating history.

She also explain how each culture can be said to have its specific logos, which explains why each nation or ethnic ground needs to define its own Fourth Political Theory. It is from the superimposition of one on the other of energy vectors of two occult nets, that the fabric of actual, concrete history results. Posted October 23, at 4: Jean Parvulesco – is a living mystery of European literature.

Yes, this element is frightening and devastating in its external manifestation. Also, I do not think that isolating America will solve the problems in Europe.

On a higher transcendental level, a ritual tantric realization of eschatological Occurrence, connected with the appearance of the Consoler and the Wife. In the end, who are you, Mr.

The entire preceding plot sees the reader close in on the eschatological outcome of the occult war, but… Here the literary world ends, and actual reality sets in.


Jean Parvulesco is not exactly a household name in the West. Secret agents of Being and Nonexistence appear in all key spheres of control of the modern world, directing all processes of civilization.

It is significant that it ends on a half-word on page Describing unintelligible the most secret part of the European politics of his days. If by this what is meant is that there is a higher order that corresponds with the lower one, then this is correct. More likely, she represents in herself some sacral function, divided among all women of the order, whose personal and everyday relations among themselves reflect an ontological hierarchy of being itself one parvulexco them corresponds to spirit, another — to the soul, the third — to flesh.

Alex Wyeth March 6, for OpenRevolt.

We have so much Work to do. Or, perhaps, an esoteric tract? From his Moscow apartment relayed via Skype, Alexander Dugin joined the symposium to share the memories of his friend Jean Parvulesco, whom he met in the late s at the parvuleesco of his first contacts with representatives of the French New Right.