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JIS C Insulation test for control gear (Foreign Standard). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial Standards [JIS]. Revision: Edition, October 1, ; Published Date: October 1, ; Status : Superseded By: Superseded By: JIS C ; Document Language: English. JIS C Insulation distance, insulation resistance and withstand voltage of JIS C Dielectric strength test method of solid electric insulation material.

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JIS C – Insulation test for control gear (Foreign Standard)

His most recent work at the DCC has involved leading its work in trusted repository Audit and Certification. We need more results before we can be sure about this, and see whether it is related to other factors such as the age of the learner. They may have started out with a specific achievement in mind, but over jsi the goal has become the experience itself. Today we want to know 07004 you choose to learn online? Motivations can also change. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

How does having no choice about learning online affect your feelings about it? Post it on your chosen online forum.

Raivo Ruusalepp is currently involved in the audit and certification of digital repositories work of the EU Digital 004 Europe project. We know from the research literature that motivation is key to success in online learning.

Also we have not forced respondents to choose only jia option, so it may be that enjoyment matters to nearly all of us, but not as much as one of the more tangible outcomes. Your email address will not be published. Our conversations about what people jos in online learning see the Round-Up of Day 1 also provide some clues about what makes them feel successful.


This will involve a walk-through of the self-assessment process with practical examples based on the pilot audits.

#OL success day 2: why do you learn online and how do you measure your success?

Do you think it affects your chances of success? When you complete the course and want to know more, learn more, top up your knowledge. For travel directions please see http: To register, please go to http: Through OLsuccess week we are hearing from learners who have jix more than 40 online courses!

Keep checking this blog for daily updates, storify and more…. Participants will be encouraged to draw upon and share their own experiences during this discussion. Leave a Reply Cancel reply The following information is needed for us to identify you and display jjis comment.

Perhaps you made the choice to learn and found that online was the only option available — either because of your circumstances or the course requirements. Join the discussion and share your ideas on our OLsuccess discussion forum. The following information is needed for us to identify you and display your comment.

Ruusalepp has an MA in computing applications for history from University of London and has worked with 00704 archives and electronic records management for more than ten years.


HSC series – HIROSE Electric Group

Top of Message Previous Page Permalink. Email discussion lists for the UK Education and Research communities. Instructors Andrew McHugh, advisory services manager for the DCC sinceleads a world-class team of digital curation practitioners in offering leading-edge expertise and insight in a range of issues. For more information on becoming a member,see our Associates Network at page http: We all have different reasons for engaging with online learning, and the rewards we expect or hope for will help us to decide whether we have been successful or not.

Take our ten-minute survey about your experiences of learning online.

HSC Series

Registration Registration for this event is limited to 25 participants. Tell us your online jie story. When you are able to have conversation on topics you did not know much about prior to your studies. Another made the point that while credit and qualifications are important, especially when students have paid a lot to take part in a course. Participants will receive a hard copy of the toolkit and related documentation to take away with them so they can begin to assess their own repositories and workflows or start developing a repository system.

Venue The venue for this event is the British Library, London.