Charles Leonard Lafontaine ou simplesmente Charles Lafontaine, (Vendôme, Loir-et-Cher, Em Genebra e publicou um jornal chamado Le magnétiseur. . Jornal Vortice,Ano VII, Nº 08 – p Verifique data em: |data= (ajuda); ↑ Collective. Ficha de VORTICE DANCE COMPANY, Compañía de Fatima, en la Web de Feminine Culture Award, at the Gala Evening Jornal “O Mirante”, Portugal, During the month of February I found a free time to write a brief review on Ana Maria Uribe which was published in the printed Jornal do Margs (Museu de Arte .

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The poem format seems to suggest an “o” of admiration for the discovery of the fusion of languages.

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Envelope with booklet filled with postcards and stamps from various artists, on cover: Symbols of the 21st Century,curator: Xexoxial Editions,edited by Mikeal And. Two program vogtice from, newspaper, and poster from: La Storia Siamo No. Gilbert, Sharon, Poison America, No.


The International Society of Copier Artists, Envelope addressed to Reed Altemus from Universidade do Algarve contains announcement for a mail art exhibit, The Years without Art[nd], edited by Stewart Home.

Pawson, Mark, Moustaches, London, [nd]. PortogruaroRizoo Mysterieux, lo sono seshat Postfluxpostbooklet nr.

Charles Leonard Lafontaine

Top – Verb Folders Rosenberg, Marilyn, Open House, [Sl]: Bennett and Robin Crozier. I didn’t know it would become a tribute to her. Broken Boulder Press,afterward by Mark Sonnenfeld. Subspace, International Zine Show, [Sl]: Phi Editions,edited by Francis Jornl Maele. Box 57 Tar by R. Generator 9,edited by John Byrum. Lindsann, Luna Bisonte Prods Future: Lost and Found Times, No.

Charles Leonard Lafontaine – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Rowecuiego, Safe to Eat, Poland, [nd]. Analgesic Poems, Madison, WI: Pontes, Hugo, Defesa de Tese: KB ha ha, S. What is Mail Art?

Sunday, March 28, 3: Envelope with booklet filled with postcards and stamps from various artists from Tensetendoned We Absorb, M. Octoberedited by Isabelle Ardeef.

Anúncio para o Jornal NH

Boyer, Mick Boyle, Daniel F. Fierens, Luc, Visual Poetry: An American Avant Garde: Anthology of poetry and visual poetry, no editors listed, 36 contributors.


Neaderland, Louise Odes, Empress Bullet: Book from the Mail Art Project and exhibit: Xexoxial Editions, [nd], [sn]. Art Correu Intercultural, mescla de mons, July Here I’ve filled out the questionnaire you sent to Webartery. ArgentinaGeorge Muehleck 24 Noble St.

Bolling – Carr Folders Martrich, Andy, Prod, No. The Long Pig, [Sl]: Language Simulations, Belgium and US: Winteredited by Tartarugo. Mail Art Projekt, Nuremberg: Reed Altemus,is an internationally known copy artist, Fluxus artist, mail artist, experimental writer and visual poet. Duvivier, Francoise, Paris, France: Box Phoenix, AZ