In the year of , a group of male voices from The Mixed Youth Choir “Iuventus Cantat” associoated in The Male Chamber Choir of The Choral Society of. Istocnik znanja [Sveti Jovan Damaskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Praznicne besede [Sveti Jovan Damaskin] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sveti Jovan Damaskin smatra se u hriscanskoj crkvi jednim od.

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Pravoslavni Crkveni Hor “Sveti Jovan Damaskin”

Na dve gravure XIX v. At that time appeared the Iconoclast heresy, and one of its greatest opponent was John of Damascus, still a laic. Hor Sveti Jovan Damaskin You must register or login in order to post into this group. The two choirs have merged and now work as one in The Othodox Church in Sombor.

However, the next day it happened again the same. During andthe choir had notable damaskih in various locations including Osijek, Valjevo, Sv.

Want to Start a Group? When between the two empires signed the peace, a copy was returned to Chilandar. Jovahat the request of the command of senior officers of the Russian army, which was at war with Japanoom, made a copy of the icon of the Virgin with three hands.

A 20 jula damaskinn. The icon of the Virgin Mary Three Hands is the first svetogorska sacred that, in spite of the canonical prohibition, set out from Mount Athos. Colt crossed almost the whole of Serbia and Macedonia to come to the Holy Mountain, where he stopped near the Hilandara.


Jovan Damaskin (Author of Pravoslavni molitvenik sa blagoslovom patrijarha Pavla)

Na drvenoj osnovi nanesen je tanki sloj grunta. Prema jednoj, g. Ona se nalazi stalno na igumanskom tronu, na mestu igumanije. The same miracle happened again the next day. Desno i levo na ikoni bili su naslikani sveti ktitori Manastira Hilandara, prepodobni Simeon i sveti Sava. Numerous monks of Serbian, Russian, Greek and Bulgarian nationality could not possibly agree.

Advised that the Turks come to the monastery, the monks hastily made sure to save him from the most valuable treasures. Five centuries later the prophecy of St.

The founder and conducter of both choirs was Milan Radisic. She was sent to the battlefield to help the Orthodox Russian army. Subsequently, in the summer ofa group of female voices did the same.

Infifteen days in the Church of St. Istu ikonu nosi sa sobom kada se udaljuje u Palestinu, u Lavru sv. Bugari su, opet, bili najbrojniji u manastiru i zahtevali svog igumana. At the beginning of the 15th century Studenica became the target of Turkish invaders. After the miraculous healing John of Damascus became a monk. From conceptualization through your first performance, we can tell you the best way to find members, run auditions, structure your group, build a quick repertoire, and start performing.

Skoro sve publikovane ikone reprodukovane su sa okovom. Uspeo je samo da izgovori: In gratitude to the saint gave goldsmiths to forge arms of silver, and treat it as an icon. Save dobija blagoslov od brata i dve ikone: His legacy of John Damascene added his own – to the royal son to the icon of the Virgin with three hands.


According to tradition, belong to the order nerukotvorenih icons, those he painted the frescoes Apostle and Evangelist Luke, the first painter of Christianity. Nineties of the 20th century, the magnificent Virgin with three copies arrived in Serbia.

Demetrius of Thessaloniki, where it was seen by more than a million faithful. Po povratku on osniva na Svetoj Gori u Kareji skit sv. Before her big lamp to burn continually, and oil from it, but many cured of various diseases. The icon is damaslin in the 8th century.

As has been given to the saint’s tomb, the prior’s staff has fallen. Ikona Bogorodice je opet bila na igumanskom mestu. Because he wrote against the iconoclasm, cut off his right hand. Blog o Svetoj Gori. Grafika Svete Gore Atonske god. At the end ofboth choirs merged in one chamber choir – Mixed Chamber Choir “Vox Euterpes” Voice of Euterpe – muse, protector of melody and song.

Na staroj fotografiji prikazano je stanje ikone pod okovom.