The Yoga of Power by Julius Evola – Drawing from original texts on self-mastery, Evola discusses two Hindu movements–Tantrism and Shaktism–which. [Yoga della potenza. English] The yoga of power: tantra, Shakti, and the secret way / Julius Evola ; translated by Guido Stucco, p. cm. Translation of: Lo yoga. The main goal of Tantric practices usually means the uniting of the static and dynamic, active and passive, female and male, the energies of.

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Shiva is called the “naked one” digambaramnamely, free of determinations and at the same time “he whose body fills the entire universe. The perfect, liminal degree, in higher knowledge, is that in which being is identified with knowing, in which the contraposition between subject and object, between I and not-I which is found in every form of modern scientific knowledge, constituting its meth- ghe premise is finally removed.

She wrote about “the immense benefit which a receptive reader may gain from an exposition juius as Evola’s” 14 and concluded that “the study of The Yoga of Power is particularly beneficial in a time in which every form of discipline is naively discredited. Now, because of being overcome, he goes on to confusedness; because of confusedness he sees not the blessed Lord [Parabrahman], the causer of action who stands within oneself [atma-stha].

Since buddhi is, in itself, on a higher plane than individuation, a continuity between forms and individual states can therefore be estab- lished.

The Yoga of Power: Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way by Julius Evola

All the powers found in reality have their roots in him, who is both their culmen et fans. Your help was greatly appreciated. On the other hand, they are states, or forms, of experience. In this context the term designates a creative art producing real, effective results rather than the art creating tricks proper of illusionists and magicians. Olof Svart rated it it was amazing May 29, Everything else, the world and all its manifestations, is “false,” a mere product of the imagination kalpanaa mere appearance avastu: Shakti, instead of being a binding principle, manifests herself as Tara, “she who imparts freedom.

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The highest concern in this current is how to achieve the supreme state that is seen as the union of Shiva and Shakti, whose mating symbolizes the impulse of reuniting being Shiva with power Shakti.

Julius Evola – The Yoga Of Power | ADORNMENTS OF THE KING

As a natural consequence of this development, the theses of radical Shaktism, which reflected the goddess’s ancient sovereignty and ontological priority, were subsequently articulated.

Tamas, on the contrary, denotes what is fixed in the opposite sense of a stiffening, or of an automatism e. By clicking dvola me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Likewise, he gives detailed descriptions of the methods of Kundalini Yoga, and the system of tye Chakras as methods of contemplation and advancement. Start reading The Yoga of Power: Evolla constitutes maya-shakti’s action in him. One may simply believe, relying on the authority and truthfulness of the interlocutor; or one may attempt to verify personally whether what has been said is true or not, in the first instance, by undertaking a trip, and in the second, by gathering all the elements necessary for reproducing the experiment oneself.

It is and will always be difficult to categorize Evola’s thought.

The source point, or bindu, corresponds to the loss of the gunas’ equilibrium, which according to Sankhya origi- nates the development of the world. But such is not the case from the point of view of every finite consciousness, in the experi- ence of common people, to whom it is instead an indisputable reality that cannot be prescinded from.

This is a heavy academic-type text that those unfamiliar with yoga philosophy and Sankrit yoga terms will find rough sledding. Parabindu means the “supreme source. Rons rated it really liked it Jan 06, Rishi, from dric, “to see,” means precisely “one yhe has seen.

Following these philosophical works, Evola turned his interest elsewhere.

This is not mere “philosophy,” a mere attempt to pon- der upon the husks of words, but something which is to be done in a thoroughly practical matter. According to this point of view there is no such thing juliue a relative reality and, beyond it, an absolute, impervious reality, but rather a relative, conditioned method of perceiving the only reality, and an absolute method.

As for the methodological principle adopted in this book, I have adopted the guiding principle employed in my previous books: As yoha shall see, however, these very same practices, often of an orgiastic and sexual nature, kf not fail, in a Tantric milieu, to rise to a higher plane.


At last it joined with var- ious forms of popular cults and magic practices on the one hand, and with strictly esoteric and initiatory teachings on the other.

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Books by Julius Evola. This phase is called pravritti-marga, “the way of determinations,” of “finite forms” vrittiwhich are generated and assimilated by Shakti. Price may vary by retailer. In that text he learned that Buddha taught the importance of detachment from one’s sensory percep- tions and feelings, and even from one’s passionate yearning for extinction.

However the Western perception of Tantra as just sex magic is quite incorrect, as Mr. The total process includes stages exempt from temporal limitations as well as stages in which time does not have its current meaning: English translation Original Language: The prevailing orientation of the Tantras runs on the same lines.

The cause of this ignorance is the fact that the Tantra Sastra is a Sadhana Sastra, the greater part of which becomes intelligible only through Sadhana. The Yoga of Power: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Evola began a personal quest for ultimate transcendence, which he believed could be found beyond the ethical and spiritual limitations of bourgeois prejudices. Sadhana is based on them.

The Yoga of Power : Tantra, Shakti, and the Secret Way

Matter therefore is the experience and the symbol of a self-identification carried to its extreme consequences. But a worshiper of Shakti need contend with no such difficulty. It is through the ways of the Kriya action that one may find Liberation, or freedom from the veils of Maya while still functioning in this world, described by the term Jivanmukta. In the later parts of the book, Evola gives a detailed analysis of theory and practice of the Tantric systems of using Mantras and Pranayama, and utilizing Sexual Magic and even intoxicants.