A summary of revised Jyhad rules circa , plus a lexicon of game and setting terms. Ironically enough, this chapter is titled “Appendix One: Corrected Rules”. Vampire Sects Rules Glossary World of Darkness Glossary Notes on These Rules sometimes open and spectacular, are collectively known as the Jyhad. The VEKN continues its course of cleaning up and clarifying existing VTES rules. The latest result are the new Rules Team Rulings of July 18th The RTR.

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This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat Akunanse, Guruhi, Ishtarri and Osebo. A council of vampires in a city that supports the city’s ruling prince. It might seem like a good idea to include two or three Gilbert Duanes and make it easier to find a vampire with superior obfuscate and dominate plus myhad title of prince, but the extras will be dead cards no pun intended when you draw more than one. Each imbued has a jyhxd of 5 conviction. Some allies have the ability to play certain cards “as a vampire.

To have a vampire hunt, announce the action and lock the acting vampire.

If you have met these conditions when you would start your unlock phase, you successfully withdraw. The advancement card applies in full.

Each action is resolved successful or blocked before another action can be attempted. Two clans can work together quite easily, while stirring the pot with more than one or two vampires from a third or fourth… clan can stress the focus if not balanced correctly.

Standard rules for using such effects rulees e. Unless the card states otherwise, a minion card is burned after a minion plays it.

For example, a Brujah antitribu jyhaf becomes a Camarilla vampire via Writ of Acceptance is still a Brujah antitribunot a Brujah. If one attempt to block fails, another can be made as often as the blocking Methuselah wishes. To bleed a Methuselah, announce the action and lock the acting minion the minion who is taking the bleed action.


Methuselahs are considered mere legend by younger vampires.

Rulebook – PDF version | Vampire: The Eternal Struggle | BoardGameGeek

Kurt uses his hands for the second strike. Some effects or powers are “always on”. A mortal or creature that serves a vampire master. Others have a card type icon action, combat, etc.

Pair O’ Dice Games

Playing the Game 4. To see if a block attempt succeeds, compare the acting minion’s stealth to the blocking minion’s intercept. This effect is like destroy equipment, except that instead of being burned, the equipment card is moved to the striking minion. Cohn has 2 damage to deal with and doesn’t prevent any, so he burns 2 blood to heal the damage, leaving him with 3 blood.

A minion cannot perform each action via the same card in play including from the minion’s own card text more than once each turn, even if he unlocks. Instead of paying the cost to contest the card, you may choose to yield the card.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: In tournament play and in some informal games, a time limit may be imposed, after which all remaining players receive half a victory point in addition to any they may have already received.

Only Laibon can hold the Laibon titles kholo and magaji. If you have two or more minions with mandatory actions, they may be done in the order you choose. Your influence phase allows you to devote some of your influence measured by your pool to controlling the minions in your uncontrolled region. When a Methuselah moves a scarce vampire from her uncontrolled region to her ready region during her influence phase, she must burn 3 pool for every other vampire of the same clan already in play.


The main difference between these are the size of the set and the number of reprints. A wounded vampire is one that has taken damage that he failed to heal or one that is in torpor or on his way to torpor.

A strike done with first strike will still not resolve before a combat ends effect which always resolves firstand a dodge still cancels the effects of a strike done with first strike see below. These three actions are very similar, although the cards they bring into play are not. Vampiric society condemns this act, however, so the risk may outweigh the reward see Diablerie, sec.

The impending Armageddon in which the Antediluvians will rise up and devour all Kindred. This rule is reminded on some cards by the ” limited ” card text. If a combat card played by a minion has an “optional maneuver” as part of the effect, then the minion may decline to use the maneuver.

This continues until only one player is left on the table. Out-of-turn master cards can be played during other players’ turns. Ira then uses his hands one more time, and Kurt can’t use a strike because he had only one additional strike.

To target a retainer with a ranged strike, the striking minion must announce his intended target when the strike is announced. Milo is ready jyjad has rulws blood when he receives 3 points of aggravated damage.

These action cards are only playable by Imbueds see the Imbued Rules appendix. Some titles are unique.