CLARA KARYA SENO GUMIRA AJIDARMA DALAM KAJIAN STILISTIKA. Christine Resnitriwati. DOI: ANALYSIS WACANA PENGGUNAAN GAYA BAHASA DALAM LIRIK LAGU- LAGU UNGU: KAJIAN STILISTIKA. Imam Mahdil Umami. QR code for Kajian stilistika dalam prosa. Title, Kajian stilistika dalam prosa. Author, Teguh Supriyanto. Publisher, Elmatera Pub., ISBN,

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Next, it is analyzed from the using of punctuation mark. Orally means when they speak their feelings directly in front of other people, but when they express their feelings by writing them down in a novel, plag, poem or letter, we call it as in written.

Diction definition is wider than words combination. In this study researcher decides purposively the object.

The results show that the stylistic method using in Clara can express clearly the author’s ideology about the misery of Chinese woman named Clara who was raped brutally in Mei The purpose in this paper is to analyze the way how Seno expressed his feeling in Clara.

The writen used stiljstika method to understand what the author will say in that story, the exthetic elements and special effects that we can get in Clara by using etilistika method.

Kajian Stilistika Puisi Sapardi Djoko Damono : Tarman Effendi Tarsyad :

In any way, the contents of the articles and advertisements published in Humanika journal are the sole and exclusive responsibility of their respective authors and advertisers. Jurnal Ilmiah Kajian Humaniora. The results showed that Assalamualaikum Beijing dominated by loan word, hyperbole, personification, and visual imagery. It can be seen from kaajian capacity of Teenlit selling. This research has Teenlit phenomenon which is start from as the background. The last is 5 confirmation language, style concludes repetition.


Humanika is an open access and peer-reviewed journal published by the Faculty of Humanities, Dipo The using of foreign language is often marked with italics. Faculty of Humanities, Diponegoro University Jl.

The Assalamualaikum Beijing by Asma Nadia generally can be used as teaching material in Bahasa Indonesia subject in the 12th grade of senior high school, but the teachers have to consider about the students background and by guidance of the sgilistika to avoid misinterpretation of the story content.

Female teenagers have big interest in reading material which match with their soul. Orally means when they speak their feelings directly in front of other people, but when they express their feelings by writing them down in a novel, plag, poem or letter, kajixn call it as in written. The style of discourse consists of stilistikka mixing and code switching that involved Bahasa Indonesia, English, and Arabic is used by Asma Nadia to impress the communicative effect among the characters dialogue so that the story in the novel looks more natural and alive.

The purpose in this paper is to analyze the way how Seno expressed his feeling in Clara. The data is analyzed by the writer.

If we analyze from diction aspect, it is divided becomes four there are 1 standard words 2 non standard words 3 foreign language and 4 local language. In stylistic, it focuses on style, the way how the writer delivers her opinion using language as media. This research uses descriptive qualitative. Furthermore, from diction it can be indentified that these novels have 1 comprehension language style there are hyperbole, metonymy, personification, parable, synecdoche, pars pro toto, eponymy, hypalase, simile 2 repetition language style of anaphora 3 Satire language style, they are sinism, innuendo, meioses, sarcasms 4 opposition language style, they are litotes, hysteron prosteron and occupation.

Download full text Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages.

Cina, perkosa, gaya bunyi, gaya kata, gaya kalimat. Click on the Metric tab below to see the detail. Seno Gumira Ajidarma expressed his feeling in Clara in written. The number of research object is seven hundreds and twenty data.


View original from ejournal. The name and email address entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be used for other purposes or distributed to other parties.

Clara Karya Seno Gumira Ajidarma dalam Kajian Stilistika

This study is a qualitative descriptive with content analysis method. He protested the humiliation of Chinese women in by unknown stilkstika in Indonesia. The Authors submitting a manuscript do kajjan on the understanding that if accepted for publication, copyright of the article shall be assigned to Humanika journal and Humanities Diponegoro University as publisher of the journal.

View original from jurnal. Copyright encompasses exclusive rights to reproduce and deliver the article in all form and media, including reprints, photographs, microfilms and any other similar reproductions, as well as translations. In Vol 19, No 1: Stylistic study in Teenlit by Dyan Nuranindya is rhetorically identified has 1 language style 2 punctuation mark, and 3 pronoun. The writer analyzes rhetorically from its grammar. Abstract People can express their feelings by stilisttika several ways —orally or in written.

The aims of this research are to describe the characteristic diction, sentence style, discourse style, figurative language, imagery of Assalamualaikum Beijing by Asma Nadia, and the relevance of the results of studies as Bahasa Indonesia teaching material in the 12th grade of the Senior High School.