काशीपञ्चकम् – श्रीमच्छंकरभगवत्पादविरचितम् KASHI PANCHAKAM OF SRI SANKARACHARYA With the commentary Tatva. The name Kashi or Varanasi brings a feeling of spiritual bliss in our minds. This is the case with all the Hindus of India and abroad. Whether. Coming to Sankaracharya’s Kasi Panchakam, he, being an whatever name you may call the place, Kasi, Prayaga etc., it exists within him.

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Kasi Panchakam – Adi Sankara

As we identify with the body, we are limited in space, and as we identify with the mind, we get caught in the flow of time.

Kassi should not increase the impurities of the mind or work at cross-purposes. For instance, we talk while taking food, and eating becomes mechanical. Since the mind is filled with the six-fold enemy such as greed, anger, jealousy, etc. One is shining of the outside light. Puranas tell us that Kasi is the centre of the universe. To know the truth, we have to step away from the mind and watch it; then, it automatically becomes calm and quiet.

panchskam Withdraw your attention, withhold kasu interest and draw back from the mind. As we purify the mind by pranayama or control of the mind through regulated breathing, meditation, listening to the scriptures etc. Be a witness to the mind, and the mind kawi pure. This subject-object division and plurality projected by the ignorant mind is mithya, unreal.

The universe is the content of waking consciousness, an appearance in the consciousness. I am that kasika which is knowledge of realization, Which shines in the home called body as bhavani The wisdom of the five chakras of the body, And which is Shivathe king of the inner soul who is witness to this.


Just as the wind does not blow for its own sake, but for the sake of the entire manifestation, so also the faculties of the body and mind function not for our benefit alone, but for the welfare of the entire humanity.

Philosophy: Kashi Panchakam

AntaHkarana suddhi or purification of the mind, is the most crucial starting point. This site uses cookies. To find panchakan more, including how to control cookies, see here: Freedom is mostly described in negative terms. Kasi means Atman, the Awareness Absolute, in which everything shines. In yoga, one should not contradict oneself. Watch the mind constantly. It is as panchaka they are waiting for us to wake up. How do we know the existence of a pot?

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The Ganges of Kasi stands for the perennial manifestation of Atman, the timeless Awareness, in the form of waking consciousness. As we identify ksai the mind, we remain trapped in it.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is sankhya yoga.

Kashi Panchakam –

Everything of this creation, including the body, belongs to Isvara. It is the primordial intelligence.

What is the need for other sacred waters for me, When my body is the temple at Kasi, When my devotion is ganga who is, The universal mother who is spread everywhere, Pxnchakam is the personification of knowledge, When my devoted attention is the Gaya, When the realization that I get through, The devotion to the feet of my teacher is Prayaga, And my inner soul is the god of the universe, Who is apnchakam witness in the mind of all beings.


The movement of the mind and the senses are the content of that consciousness. The truth will reveal itself only when we prepare ourselves for the revelation, and the preparation is the negation of the identification with the body. For example, it is relatively pure as the river enters the city of Kanpur, but the water becomes very dirty and toxic as the many tanneries of Kanpur dump their waste into the river; but within 10 miles of leaving Kanpur, the water again becomes almost pure.

We have to understand that consciousness is the matrix of the universe. A conscious being has to validate its existence through the agency of the eyesight and the mind. The sealed Ganges water remains pure for a very long time. Thus, a pot is not svayamprakasya, self-shining; it is paraprakasya, shines by the light, by the eyesight and by the mind as the content of the waking consciousness. That self-shining awareness is the Kasi.

One has to die to the body to become awake to the truth. There is no truth in such notions. I am that city of Kasi in the form of my own pure awareness.

Water of the Ganges remains pure despite a lot of toxins and chemicals that are dumped into it.