The goal of this study was to compare application of the Kendrick Extrication Device (KED) versus rapid extrication (RE) by emergency medical. KED PRO Extrication Device. The industry recognised Kendrick Extrication Device, originally developed in the late s has been further improved in the form. Ferno K.E.D.® – Kendrick Extrication Device. Add to quote. Add to Compare Add to Wishlist. _KED_Straps. K.E.D.® – Replacement Head and Chin.

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This study provides limited evidence for the use of the KED in patients who meet its indications that it can decrease their ability to laterally rotate their neck.

National Center for Krndrick InformationU. The views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the Navy, Department of Defense or the United States Government.

Results Time was significantly shorter using rapid extraction for all patients. Next the bottom torso strap is secured, however the top torso strap is not secured until just prior to moving the patient to the long spine board.

Kendrick Extrication Devices

Also, parts must be replaced when extricxtion. If the application of the device is causing greater movement of the patient, then the utility of this device should be called into question. Built-in handles enable rescuers to get a firm grip on the patient and K. Sometimes, hospitals will cut the straps off instead of disconnecting the device properly.


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Kendrick Extrication Devices

Of the two person crew used in this study, one was an EMT instructor with 20 years of experience working approximately 40—50 hours per week who also worked for Robert Wood Johnson EMS as a paramedic Figure 2. Care must be taken to secure the head properly to maintain neutral ddvice. Axial movement was defined as asking the patient to turn their head to the left or right. Furthermore the vehicle was not damaged, which is not representative of most vehicular extrications.

Typically there are two head strapsthree torso straps, and two legs straps which are used to adequately secure the Kenddrick. Includes wrap-around vest, Adjust a-Pad neck roll, two head straps and a carrying case. Replacement Neck Pad Model Ked. KED Pro offers an even greater degree of protection for rescue casualties, combined with improved ease of use for the rescuer.

Emergency transportation in the event of acute spinal cord lesion. West J Emerg Rxtrication.

This was a controlled setting inside a garage with no risk for adverse weather or for suffering personal injury from vehicles on the road, which are frequently encountered when rendering pre-hospital care. During rapid extrication, the patient is not immobilized by a K. The trial was time of arrival of EMS providers until the time the participant was correctly positioned on the ambulance stretcher, as determined by the researchers.

Legal aspects of emergency treatment of the neurologically injured patient. The KED has been thought to improve spinal immobilization in patients complaining of traumatic induced neck or back pain. The angle of cervical spine movement was measured using a protractor placed on the bridge of the nose and a pen used to denote the plane of reference a sagittal line.


The participant surveys measured level of pain, level of discomfort, perceived amount of movement, and perception of amount of time taken to remove from car.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The patient is secured to it ekndrick three or more straps and with two large foam blocks adjacent to the head referred to as cervical immobilization devices.

Each rescue trial consisted of the participant and two EMS personnel. Participants were shown the line and the scale of 0— and asked to tell us what value they would like to ascribe to the specific question. Angles of head turning were all significantly larger when using RE. Subjects were asked to turn their head to the right and the left as far as tolerable.

Model 71 Basket Stretcher. Please review our privacy policy. Stabilization of spinal injury for early transfer. There are several important limitations in our study. Trial B involved RE technique — kenrick c-collar was applied and the participant extricated on to a longboard without a KED applied. The KED is supposed to be kendrik on patients with neck and back pain after trauma.

No statistical differences were noted on patient discomfort or ,endrick. Following the bottom torso strap the leg straps are secured.