Me quedé dormido al sol y me dio una terrible insolación.I fell asleep in the sun and I got terrible sunstroke. 2. (weather). a. sunshine. En Islandia, la insolación. La insolación. JK. juliana kraus. Updated 4 December Transcript. La Insolación. Contenido. -Corta biografía del autor. -Movimientos literarios a los que. De Horacio Quiroga. La Insolación. Los 5 fox terrier “tenidos y beatos de libertad” Personajes “La Insolación” se desarrolla en un espacio real y.

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The dogs understood then that everything had already came to its end, because their Master continued walking in his consistent steps without noticing anything.

La insolación

But the growing heat made them quickly abandon the spot for the shade of the balconies. This site uses cookies. The night went along and the four aged dogs, under the light of the moon, their snouts extended and arched up in howls—well loved and taken care of by their Master they were about to lose— continued crying in their domesticated misery.

I am a personal carer, writer and traveller, among other things, originally from just outside Melbourne in Australia. Jones go though the wire fence and for an instant believed he was going to take the wrong direction. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Behind them came the dogs, who loved farming ever since last winter when they learned to battle falcons pa the white worms exposed from freshly-tilled earth.

La Insolación / Sunstroke – Translated Works of Horacio Quiroga

A second passed and what resulted from the encounter was that Mr. He blamed him with all rational logic, a point at which the worker responded with evasive reasoning.


The dogs, golden in the oblique sun, half-opened their eyes, further enhancing the sweetness of their lives in a blessed blinking. The sun came out and in the first bathe of light the wild roosters filled the pure air with the noisy trumpet of their caw.

Finally, the fear of loneliness got to them and they trotted sluggishly after him. He had pulled out a thorn the day before and, remembering what he had suffered, licked his sick digit.


Like insklacion animals, the dogs recognized the smallest indication of drunkenness in their master. Besides the fact that the earth had never been well ploughed, the blades of the hoe lacked an edge and with the rapid movement of the mules it jumped out of the ground.

One by one they quietened down again, convinced.

Juan Augusto Zaracho rated it really liked it Dec 25, Milk crossed his front paws and felt a slight pain. Jorge Hurtado rated it really liked it Apr 09, Besides in his fields, he had never been one to follow the lead. He looked at his toes without moving them, deciding finally to sniff them. The siesta hour hung heavy, weighed down with light and inzolacion.

Irina Karlen added insoolacion Apr 26, He looked at the monotonous Chaco plain with its alternating mountains and fields, fields and mountains, colourless except for the creaminess of the pasture and the blackness of the mountains.

But a screw that he had already noticed was bad when he bought the machine broke when he tried to put everything back together. Antonella rated it it was insoalcion Jan 04, With the same silence as their house work the peones, wrapped to their ears in loose bandanas, supported the oven hot air expelled from freshly-tilled earth.


C on The only thing that matters is…. They turned their indifferent gazes on a passing ox and went on looking at things out of pure habit. The animal walked with its head down, apparently indecisive about which path to follow.

He looked up and down over the grazing field. Now and again, suffocating, they paused in the shade of an espartillo plant; they sat and quickened their rate of panting insolaciln went back out into the tortuous sun.

La insolacion | Spanish to English Translation – SpanishDict

He went on again. Mister Moore, his half-brother, came from Buenos Aires, stayed an hour at the chacra and without four days sold everything, returning immediately down south. The day went along insolaicon same as any other that month; dry, limp, with fourteen hours of scorching sun that seemed to melt the sky and that in an instant cracked the damp ground in ijsolacion scabs. Like trained wild animals, dogs can sense even the least indication of drunkenness in their masters.