Learn Carnatic Music Online – 1 on 1 Online Carnatic Music Class With Live of in sangathis(modifications) in krithis and in manodharma sangeetham (creative. I’m assuming you mean an app to learn Indian Classical Music ‘Vocals’. I’m currently working on an app for My dad’s platform-RaoVocals, so have been digging. There have been some discussions in other threads about what age one should start learning carnatic music, like this one.

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You are paying them for their time, the same as anyone else, and you deserve to be given their full effort in your lessons.

I found one, who was 15 years younger than me but was willing to teach. So we cannot ever give a categorical answer to this question. On a side note as someone said not everyone learns music with the aim to perform.

Even a random search for any krithi on youtube throws up umpteen renditions by shady performers who want praise, but lack the intellectual honesty to realise they r ruining this great artform. It is simply stunning.

Age to start learning carnatic music –

In the same manner, it is not that easy to manage with a minimum number of items, say four or five items only, in a 3-hour concert and it is very easy to manage with 20 or 30 items in such a concert with a little or no Ragalapana and Svarakalpana. Flat Style by Ian Bradley. That is their kind of response. But, in our music, Shruti is given the second place and most of our musicians sing in off-shruti but eagerly expect to receive great honours, awards and titles like Sangita Kalanidhi, Padmashri, Padma Bhooshan, Padma Vibhooshan etc.

Many a time I have also requested the entire teaching community through many of my posts in this forum to sincerely follow this system for the benefit of the aspirants and the music field and also to upload their relevant videos to inspire others. Let us talk about the topic here.

As we grow older it becomes more difficult to learn, mostly because of other preoccupations and preconditions. But of course, there are even profoundly deaf musicians, such as Evelyn Glenny, and many blind ones. Even front ranking accompanists who obviously learned from their childhood fail to reproduce all that is rendered by the vocalists, can quote several such instances. Of course the assumption is that I am categorizing larn as an average student which is most probably true given the bell curve distribution.


While the performer only performs what he can the teacher needs abundant and all-round ability in teaching which influences an entire generation itself. However this topic is very dear to me. Having listened to one of my Lec-dems, recently, another gent, who appeared and passed the entrance test for B.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy | Learn Indian Music Online

Hearing, which is fairly useful in the pursuit of music, starts to diminish too early in life for some of us. That’s the reason why many don’t prefer to learn music full time. But, no heavy rhythmical intricacies are taught or learnt. But, in our music, the person who sings 20 to 30 items or even more in a 3-hour sangeftham will only be honoured as a legend and praised. You deserve to be given full attention and respect.

In fact, there has been a great facility in our music having no yard-stick either to assess the level of knowledge of the teacher or the quality of the lesson being imparted by the teacher or the quality sangeeetham by the aspirant in course of learning and this facility is availed to the full extent by each and every music-teacher on the globe.

That makes all the difference. On the other end of the spectrum, kids can start learning music as soon as they can talk.


These words certainly give hope sangeethm confidence to many adults to start leaning Violin. The soft and wet mud only facilitates to make a toy and also to disturb it each time to make another but if it hardens it is not possible to make any changes in it.

Such a person may just shine even at an old age. While this is true, it is our recent current gurus who reflect our current values in music and our musical taste. As Music is a part of Saamaveda which has to be learnt from the early years of age and at the early hours of the day the music should also be learnt in the same manner. It is an emotional sangeethham since a lot of people who did not get a chance to learn music at a young age for various reasons believe or would like to believe that they can acquire reasonable competence and proficiency in carnatic music.


However, as you wrote, our teachers are already available everywhere to, somehow, encourage them and not to let them give up their hope. Lexrn no other avocation, they can concentrate far more efficiently than adults and learn music very fast and efficiently, of course, aangeetham upon the efficiency of the teacher.

Age to start learning carnatic music To teach and learn Indian classical music. But, unfortunately, till now, none had uploaded even a single video. Sangeethzm the elders are well settled in their life and try to acquire some thing else in their leisure time for their enjoyment.

And, in general, starting from their 8th year, as the kids gradually get the ability to understand, the things must gradually be defined from their 8th year only. Getting the pecuniary advantages even the teachers will also co-operate with the elders in any manner they desire. This could only be understood by a critical and professional accompanying Violinist but not by any other person. Music is an ocean and each one cannot be expected to know everything.

They will be able to learn anything with much less effort only if they are provided with the right environment. He said could I talk and I said yes. But Teacher and student relationship is something very rarely discussed. Talent alone is not going to take you places. Not everyone wants to perform, some want to learn for the sheer joy of learning. Adding fuel to the fire, recently many universities have started this distance education only to earn money but not to maintain the standards by which the aspirants receive certificates and become the Degree-holders in music without the required expertise but resort to teaching successfully increasing the number of impotents and God alone knows the fate of such aspirants.

I vividly recall the kritis I studied as a year sangeetahm, but have to go back to my notes to jog my memory when in comes to kritis I learned in my 30s. This continued for many years till I met the versatile artist T V Gopalakrishnan. The success depends on how we define success, e.