A variety of commentaries by Crowley on many Class A Documents. The Commentary for Liber LXV encompasses the means to invoke one’s Guardian Angel. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Aleister Crowley’s Commentary on Liber LXV, the Book of the Heart Girt With a Serpent, was written in Aleister Crowley began his Commentary on The Book of the Heart Girt with a Serpent, Liber LXV, in order to clarify the dense symbolism for his advanced.

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The Commentary on Liber LXV

Members Username Password Remember Me. August 9, at 6: This site uses cookies. I never found the blog but i did read part of chapter 11 and The same goes for Truth as reflected xlv different religions, philosophies, and individuals across the globe and throughout history. Notify me of new posts via email. That is, although the Light is one, each individual will only see the Light in a certain way.

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Commentary to Liber LXV

Introduction Parables are succinct stories in prose or verse that illustrate a lesson of some sort. What he sees is only an image. What type of a Thelemite was Swami N. Therefore do ye fret yourselves because of this. We must not rest contented in any one particular image or color of Truth, but we must instead go beyond all partial images. August 10, at This is a physical fact.


I who am the Image of an Image say this.

The Parables and Lessons of Liber LXV (part 1) | IAO

Each individual should not commenntary satisfied with their unique perception of the Light, i. I found Swamiji Nisarg intros helpfulAnyone? We see that, because the colours are many, one writes in a certain way while another writes in a completely different way.

That would fit the bill better, and I have also given it a most favourable review somewhere on this site. A common idea in Thelema is that there is unity, but it is always expressed in a duality or multiplicity.

The Parable of the Light and Colors. Foggy to the point i had forgotten thinks crossing wont happen because a fool finding already crossed to another realm re 92 finding renewed memory awesome finding created some relevant data long ago judgement finding wow switched off alright judgement not going to simulate same scenario judgement someone killed computer one.

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It is by necessity that the Truth is reflected into particular images for each individual. One mounteth unto the Crown by the moon and by the Sun, and by the arrow, and by the Foundation, lcv by the dark home of the stars from the black earth.

Personally, the lesson is of aspiring beyond all images: In this multi-sectioned essay I therefore wish to attempt to explain the meaning of several parables found within Liber LXV. Anyway you seem like a great resource for that kind of infuse well as other material. Click to Submit News. If these are all placed on the Tree of Life, one will see that they form a straight line up the Middle Pillar from the bottom Malkuth to the top Kether.


The symbolism used is that of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

But can referring to the heart and the serpent help to enter into it or am i barking up the wrong tree? Thereupon the healthy portion of it retired from the field and continued their benevolent work in secrecy, lcv the remaining portion became diseased and disrupted, and sooner or later died disgraced and profaned.


Parables are succinct stories in prose or verse that illustrate a lesson of some sort. Interpersonally, the lesson is of tolerance: Not otherwise may ye reach unto the Smooth Point. Jamie J Barter Participant. We find the invariable corruption sneaking in to politics, religion, and commercial business. August 3, at 8: