Although the technique discussed in this guide is relatively simple, it requires a certain amount of .. Les Vers – Des croyances populaires au lombricompostage. A Council? A notice to be given? We are there for you from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h. Free call forward fixed. In the composting chamber, earth worms transform feces and toilet paper into compost. Dans le local de compostage les vers de terre.

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In about 3 to 6 months.


The scraps should be thoroughly buried under the bedding to avoid attracting fruit flies. The worm aerates the soil by tunneling. It reproduces very fast. One that interests us most is part of the case “Eisenia”.

City Worms | blogverslaterre

The Eisenia adult 8 weeks is able to swallow its weight per day in organic matter. They need to be fed one to three times a week. Want to be to know more? It is found gguide in the leaf litter, compost or manure. Families, communities, urban gardeners, children It is a good idea to add dried, crushed egg shells regularly to neutralize the acidity of the decomposing scraps.

The worms, very hard-working, will work day and night in all the trays: A piece of geotextile in the bottom of the bin to stop the bedding and worms from falling through the drainage holes. Vermicomposting worm composting is a simple way to recycle most of this organic material. And, of course, lombricompoatage red wrigglers not the same thing as the earthworms in your garden. Every 3 months, I get about 10 kg of solid compost in the lower tray of my City Worms I can then use to repot in the spring, feed my plants and enrich my land all year round!


The circulatory system consists of a large contractile dorsal vessel where the blood is propelled forward. A single worm can have a family of descendants in one year. The hatching of cocoons takes place at the end of three weeks. Odourless, very llombricompostage, Top quality green manure. Eisenia adult weighs between 0.


Available for the countries of the European Union. Votre panier est vide. More than 20 large communities forecasts appreciate its versatility, strength, and its high rate of adoption by local residents. Plants receiving vermicompost are more productive and generally more resistant to disease. A tray under the vermicomposter to collect any liquid. Guaranteed for 10 years: Flower Press, Dumas, Maurice.

Safe inside a covered bin, they transform food scraps and plant waste into high-quality compost. BOI your cardboard, vegetable peelings, remains of meals, marc and coffee filters, tea bags, shells of eggs, hair, pet hair, even the vacuum bag How works votre City Worms. Lombrlcompostage most common is the “Lombricus terrestris”, or “laborer worms. H author calculated for a flow easy logging – long service life.

Vermicomposting | Space for life

To move forward, the lombricopostage contracts its circular muscles and stretches her body. When will the vermicompost be ready? They are surrounded by longitudinal muscles and circular muscles. It is not suitable for vermiculture. Its design strengthens the structure and strength of the base. Ideal for the health of the flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables from gardens or crops potted. The digestive tract is quite developed.


Added to the free compost, this is real savings, and my neighbors can also enjoy! His body is made up of rings called segments. Solid and liquid fertilizer produced by your City Worms is a fertilizer of premium quality: It improves the bloom, develops the foliage, strengthens plants, repels unwanted aphidsand accelerates germination. In short, everything which is organic, except the products of animal origin meat and cheesegarlic dewormeronions and citrus, too acidic for your worms lemon, orange, grapefruit.

By moving the litter of worms we perceive these cocoons, goes out of small brown-yellow bead.

You can harvest it by pushing the entire contents of the bin to one side and adding new bedding to the other side. Anti-odeur — Anti-fuite de vers — Anti-fuite de liquide — Anti-insectes: City Worms the guide. Their intestine is a real factory to produce the “forest land” very rich in minerals and nutrients, ideal for my plants and my garden, and commonly called Vermicompost.

Diluted 10 times in the water, I get up to one liter of natural fertilizer per day!