Lumenlab DIY Projector Guide v – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Has anyone been successful in accessing lumenlab’s forums? I have my full HD projector 99% complete, i just need some assistance with. However, the good folks at Lumenlab stand to make a killing off of this new projector that they’re selling for far less: $ What’s the secret?.

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The only source we could find with big enough Fresnel lenses is Lumenlab. Lumenlab took about a week to ship out their backorder, once they did, our stuff got here in record time. The price you are paying is actually for the proector acess and a much better guide. The people on the forums are a lot of help.

Lumenlab projector build | Hackaday

A second fresnel lens directs the light to the final focusing lens. If you choose to sing up for the membership please try and follow the link on my webpage or the one below. We’ll give you our short lummenlab here. Your wasting your time downloading the torrent for the plans, and stop whinging about the cost.

You can score these at the hardware store, but for the best color we want one pdojector puts out light that’s a similar to daylight as possible. Notify me of new posts via email.


We run standard definition video through our video scalerbut there’s just not a good way to push a HD signal into the PC from an external tuner like our HD Tivo. It amazes me how some of you whine about 20 bucks for a premium forum.

The light source is reflected towards the LCD. There was simply no question that the digital signal produced a much cleaner picture. Going to change the to a bulb type with a built in reflector adventually. When I first started as a noob, the plans and the help available on their lumenlb was great.

We should be able to hook up just about any HD gear we want to this display. Been eyeballing those sweet new high definition projectors? The built in scaler supports input as well.

Since we ulmenlab their large lenses anyway, we ordered a set of matched Pro lenses. Look at the cost of just one school course in comparison.

How-To: Build your own HD projector (Part 1)

I am building one you can take a look on the prouector. Are trashed LCDs common? The V w Electronic Ballast seems to be the most expensive part of these plans. There are plenty of ways to save projectir on this project, but we’re feeling sassy. If I am able to do this I can add that build to my website so you guys can see the difference in the basic kit and pro kit.

Lumenlab is a very nice design, and their forum is well worth the Since you might be a little leery of dropping several hundred dollars on parts and gutting a nice display because people you don’t know on an online forum said so, we’re going to do it for you. Unsurprisingly, p output from the TiVo produced the most pleasing results.


Next time we’ll gut our sweet new LCD and give you all the details on doing it yourself. We didn’t expect it, but our ballast came with a ceramic Mogul base.

To produce them we’ll need projwctor ballast. The coil type are cheap, but produce a humming noise that might interfere with your viewing pleasure. Before we add up all our parts, keep in mind that this is an Engadget build. It’s important to choose a display that can be disassembled easily and won’t have any inconvenient electronics in the way.

Releaseing an advert like that onto torrent sites will only backfire, Hopwfully someone will make a copy of all the information on there and seed a REAL lumenlab torrent. Remember that if you’re entering the width of the LCD diagonally, then the screen width is a diagonal as well.