Akc meet the breeds javits center

AKC's Fifth Annual Meet the Breeds: What to Expect

akc meet the breeds javits center

May 4, Saturday Event: “Meet & Compete”. Encompassing the 5th Annual Masters Agility Championship and AKC 9th Annual Meet the Breeds ®. Sep 27, This weekend, New York City is all about pets, as more than dog and cat breeds descend on the Javits Center for the fifth annual Meet the. From Akitas to Xoloitzcuintlis and everything in between, AKC Meet the Breeds is brought to you by exclusive pet care sponsor Purina® Pro Plan®. The tenth.

People young and old are just drawn to this breed.

AKC Meet the Breeds at Jacob K Javits Convention Center

It was worth all the time and effort just to see their faces light up when they saw these dogs. People would just throw their arms around them and bury their faces in their coats. Jackie Caruso talks to the Girl Scouts At times, we had people standing six deep taking pictures, waiting their turns to pet the dogs and then wanting their pictures taken with the dogs.

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The dogs were like rock stars! So many people who stopped by had a story of a collie from when they were growing up, and judging by the number of people who stopped by, I really think we were one of the most popular booths at the show.

Bruce, you are quite the celebrity! Bruce's specialty was connecting with kids.

Meet the Breeds Part 1

We decorated the booth using the posters from pictures from the Collie as a Family Pet from the CCA website and also had wonderful collie performance photos loaned to us by Noreen Bennett. There was a great deal of interest in collie rescue and adopting dogs from rescue organizations. It can't be all work -- Gaby with another kiss for Darci! Some dog lovers are drawn to long-coated dogs like the Bearded Collie ; others, to dogs with an untamed haircoat like the Chinese Crested.

For some people, the attraction to a particular breed of dog is not its physical characteristics, but its skills. For example, the trustworthy Labrador is a wonderful guide dog. Billed as an event where families can meet dog breeds and over 50 cat breeds, the event promises to have something for everyone. Consider This From my veterinary viewpoint, health is a critical issue when choosing a family dog.

akc meet the breeds javits center

Before selecting a new puppy for your family, do your homework. Everyone in the family, a dog included, will have health issues during their lifetime. To get started, check the website of the national breed club for your breed.

AKC Meet the Breed | The United States Coton de Tulear Club

Most national breed clubs devote a section of their website to the health issues AND the ongoing research into those issues for their particular breed.

Researchers reviewed the medical records of over 70, dogs and classified the cause of death by breed. This information helps owners of purebred dogs to monitor for disease related clinical signs and intervene before a crisis occurs.

akc meet the breeds javits center

In this study, Dachshunds were most likely to die from neurological disorders. Weight control and proper exercise can help to avoid this problem. Like humans, older dogs are more likely to die of cancer and five breeds were associated with an increased risk of cancer: Owners of these dogs must monitor every lump and bump on their dog and have each one evaluated. Large breed dogs more commonly die of musculoskeletal diseases.