Bob the builder meet team scrambler ride

Bob the Builder

Discover all the machines from Fixham and Spring City! Bob the Builder fans can learn about all their favourite characters from the Bob the Builder TV series. Bob and the team are constructing a bank safe and Dizzy gets locked inside the . that Wendy is her hero and asks her to build a treehouse for a club meeting. .. and Bob promises Scrambler that he can be the first machine to ride across it. Learn about the different vehicles of Bob the Builder. Meet Bob's team, Bob, Scoop, Wendy, Leo and other machines.

Work, Rest, and Play Spud volunteers to be a director's assistant, and soon he's causing all sorts of chaos. Lofty's Big Day Lofty worries that he won't get a good look and decides to get closer to the comet by driving to the top of a mountain. Unfortunately, he gets stuck. A Brand New Shelter As Bob gets to work building a new one, Roley thinks that Muck blames him for the disaster.

Bob's New House But his attempt to turn the machine shelter into a makeshift house causes chaos. But when he uses his new horn to make Sumsy laugh, he drops everything he's gathered.

bob the builder meet team scrambler ride

Muck's Dairy Chaos While her back is turned, the cows vanish and start causing chaos across the valley. Adventures in the Valley Bentley becomes so obsessed with finding out the name of the new mayor that his preparations go seriously awry. Packer Joins the Team Bob creates a kit that lets him build new houses quickly and easily.

Bob the Builder: Meet the Team [Series 15] (US)

The problem is, all the new people in the valley want different designs. Valley Nature Lessons Dizzy helps Bob make street signs to help everyone get around Sunflower Valley. After watching Bob build a tunnel for drying seaweed, Muck decides to create one for Mr.

Bob the Builder

Beasley to use to dry his clothes. A New Job for Roley It's apple harvesting time at Farmer Pickles' orchard, and Roley is eager to help.

bob the builder meet team scrambler ride

JJ — Parts supplier and Hamish's new owner. He is voiced by Colin McFarlane. Molly — JJ's daughter. Percival — School headteacher. Potts — a Bobsville resident and owner of Tommy the Tortoise. In the reboot, he is voiced by the same person who voices his son. Voiced by Kate Harbour. Baz — He is a sheep shearer and Farmer Pickles' cousin. Pablo — Mr Sabatini's brother.

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Sunny — The son of Marjorie and the twin brother of Saffron. Saffron — The daughter of Marjorie and the twin sister of Sunny. Cassie — The daughter of Mr. Sabatini and the twin sister of Carlos. Carlos — The son of Mr. Sabatini and the twin brother of Cassie. Piper McDonald — He is Meg's nephew and assists her with her dairy products. Voiced by Rupert Degas. Later, Lofty takes his surfboards when he wants to join the Diggers Three. David Mockney — Fixham Harbour Museum manager.

A running gag is she occasionally tries to get her picture taken for the newspaper or a magazine and it always gets ruined. For example, in "Sky-High Scoop", she tries to get her picture taken at the top of the new skyscraper and Gull lands on her and she tries to shoo her away.

bob the builder meet team scrambler ride

Curtis — Leo's Dad and owner of the local service station.